Lucas Grey (aka Subject 6)

Oh good, I was worried :laughing: maybe they could write him out in physicality, like “I’ve gotta’ go 47, I’ve left the stove on. I mean, you don’t need me anymore.” and he just occasionally checks in. Personally I really like the character, but I appreciate he can get a bit boring after a while.

He made a GREAT villan, from the time he was introduced 1st in the Cinematic trailer in '16, but as his true intention (loosely used term) came to light in H2, an I put together where I’ve seen this storyline in the hitmqn franchise before… I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow to IO an WB an shake my head. :joy:

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I know, the predicted trajectory isn’t looking good :sweat_smile: the character has potential though! That’s why I’m not ready to abandon him yet :smile:

I can’t be the only person who thought this was a really bad plot twist or turn or whatever. Never played Codename: 47 but doesn’t 47 only kill after he joins the ICA? The only game where you dont kill for the ICA is Absolution but Providence isnt in Absolution.Maybe there’s something about it somewhere outside of the games but as far as I know, 47 never killed for Providence.


The prologue of the 2016 game doesn’t precisely say it but when he arrives at the training facility Diana remarks he has an impressive record, he’s the result of previous training and all that.

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I don’t like to criticism the writers because I know it’s a job where you’re trying to get objective success out of something subjective, but I do agree that the Providence/Blue Seed thing was weird. And 47’s long lost brother (6) kind of made me think “Oh? Was that it?” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: the plot has nice parts, but those two things never sat right for me. The writers are very good, especially with Season 1’s story cutscenes, but I think they must’ve been having an off-day when they wrote “Diana only had one sibling and now he’s dead. Parents aren’t alive anymore either. 47 killed them, and he has a long lost brother called 6.” :confused:

The exact conversation goes:
Diana: “I read your case file. Impressive work. Hardly textbook, but I suppose fieldwork never is. Tell me, what did it feel like, taking lives?”
47: “Random. Disordered.”
Diana: “Is that why you came here? Why you let us test you?”

I interpreted that as when 47 escaped the asylum, his genetic engineering as a killer meant he couldn’t help himself from killing strangers. Like a kind of serial killer, performing sloppy ‘hardly textbook’ murders. But without Ortmeyer to direct him, his actions had no purpose, no order or logic. So that’s why he joined the ICA - to be given structure and order over who he kills and why. I guess you could say he needs them as much as they need him! Apart from trying to kill him in Absolution and (arguably) in Silent Assassin :smile:


Actually, this storyline picks up from that of the comic books, Birth of a Hitman. In it, he and Subject 6 were sent to kill on behalf of Providence until 47 disappeared into the world. Where he freelanced as an assassin.