Lupei Sensitivity Escalation

Can anyone help !e with this escalation.I have achieved SA rating on all other escalations and throughout the whole game.But this escalation is impossible.I cannot seem to hack the laptop without being spotted?

With the addition of Random Head Turning to the game, some of these encounters have been broken.

I personally didn’t care for SA on the Escalations, but you could try subduing everyone in the room! There’s only 3 of them, and one guy who comes in and out (besides the guy you have to kill).

I agree that it’s super tedious.

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You could set of an explosion, and pray to the rng gods.

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Thanks for your response,yeah have tried that but when you go up a level it then sets the no pacification a rule,so can’t do it that way either!!

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Lol yeah tried that to,managed to get an Emmerich syringe into him but next level says no pacification a allowed so am stumped on this.Thankyou for your response though.

I said nothing about using an emetic syringe. But just so you know, making them sick does not count as pacification.

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emetic syringe is no pacific though. It’ll just make them leave the room for a bit. Guards can be distracted with illegal items, they’ll carry them to a collection spot. You can temporarily get rid of them this way.

edit: Just place one somewhere where they’ll see it

Ah cool I see that now thankyou

Cheers I will try that thanks