Mafia Trilogy (Mafia 1 remake)


So like are they gonna remake the first game?


If they do, then they better fix that damn race.

However I’m all for this, I always rated the two first Mafia games higher then most GTA games.


can anybody tell me what was wrong with the 3rd game. ive never played these games so idk

Mafia 1 and 2 are great, i havent played Mafia 3 but only heard bad things, I’ve lost immediately interest in part 3 when i read an interview with one of the Devs who said the wanted to stay away from this whole Italian Mafia Family Cliché lol


From my understanding the game fell into the trap of creating far repetitive content between the big main missions, where you do the same thing over and over again.


Mafia 3 has a good story that is told like a documentary. The problem with it really is graphically it’s unappealing and gameplay between the story is repetitive and gets tedious really fast.


Hope they don’t muck it up with the Mafia 1 remake.

Problem, officer?


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Tommy Angelo sounds quite different, looks like it could be more than just a reskin.
either way it’s great to see one of my teenhood favorites get some love.

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That race came completely out from left field with it’s insane difficulty and having to master it’s wonky driving mechanics to win a one time race. Something 12 year old me struggled with.


yeah that was a frustrating speed bump, thank god for the secret shortcut


Sounds like an old person talking, it could be old Tommy before… well… you know.


Edit: Its not my video btw :wink:


I only played III before. Despite the game has so many flaws, it still amazed me in some aspects. For instance, there’s always been one thing I particularly care about open-world shooter, and that is cars! The game has quite a wide range of cars like American muscles, European sports cars, a few Japanese economic cars, and off-road trucks. Vehicle detail is brilliant too, like I’ve never seen an open-world game where characters actually shift cars and use windshield wipers when raining.

I would like to also talk about its music selection and original scores, but I will leave it to another post. I am quite excited about this good news! :star_struck:

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Mafia 1 Remake Screenshots baby!


Mafia 1 is one of my all-time favorite games. On another Hitman forum, back in the day Hitman Codename 47 was still widely discussed, a guy kept raving on and on about Mafia being the best game ever and eventually I caved. It didn’t age very well though, but I have fond memories of trying to collect as many cool cars as possible, classic shoot-outs in parking lots and chasing Ufo’s. Well, maybe not that last one, but it kept me busy :slight_smile: There’s this mission on the boat where you have to assassinate a politician during a speech that’s got a distinct Hitman feel to it, with many approaches to achieve SA. There’s also one where you have to break and enter a mansion with a basebal bat that’s got kind of a Beldingford feel going on.

Mafia 2 was pretty neat as well, controls and storyline didn’t feel just as engaging, but that mission that starts you off in a red car was an unforgettable gaming experience. I couldn’t stop wow-ing. Cool outfits too.

Never played Mafia 3.

If they remake Mafia 1 somehow I’m going to play that no questions asked. Be willing to rediscover Mafia 2 and heck, maybe give 3 a chance.

It never felt so secret to me. The shortcut seemed obvious enough to me. But definitely not a great mission.


You are shitting me? is it actually real, like a full blown remake and not just a HD version? My hype level just went up by a hole lot. Now give me a remake of Vice City, Scarface: The World Is Yours and I got all the open world crime games I’m ever gonna need.



Mafia1 is one of my most favourite games of all time