Magazine/reload realism

I think it would be nice to at least have an option to turn this on/off. You could only reload when your magazine is at 0 bullets, instead of reloading when you used 1 bullet.

So you want an option to have the ability to reload whenever you want to be taken away? For what possible purpose? :thinking:


with the same logic, why do we want master difficulty? or even professional if we can just play the game as easy as possible?

By that you imply you want it to make the game more difficult. But then, why don’t you just self-apply a no reloads rule?


Hmmm, how about if they do reloading the same way the first Mafia game did it. Any bullets left in the magazine would be lost when reloading the weapon. That sounds more realistic than not being able to reload whenever the player wants.


In “Escape From Tarkov” you can actually choose if you want to quick-reload (which makes you lose all bullets left in the chamber) or if you reload slowly and preserve ammo which might be left inside your chamber. I like that. But then again, EFT is a hardcore realistic shooter and Hitman is not.

thats idiotic. it would be okay if you shoot one bullet and reload, the rest of your magazine goes to waste.

A game where you can put anything in your briefcase, where you can carry so many wrenches crowbars and hammers in your pocket, a game where you can become anyone but other people will never get suspicious? Now you are talking realism?

How is it realistic to only reload when you have 0 bullets in a mag, the only change i’d make to reloading would be to include a one in the chamber system, where if you reload with 1 or more bullets left, you end with an addition bullet in the gun. However this would require multiple animations for each gun which i guess would be a hassle so idk

Gameplay > Realism

Any time where the priority is flipped is when IO makes bad decisions for patches/mechanics.
The core mechanic of Hitman (at least the reboot) is its open ended approach. Restricting gameplay for the sake of realism only further restricts the player from open ended solutions, basically nullifying the whole point of Hitman.


What I’d like to see is something similar to all the HACL pistols. All of them, even the guard ones, have an animation where 47 pulls the slide back to load the bullet into the chamber.

They only need to change the fact this only needs to happen when the mag is at 0, and maybe the animation so the slide actually moves.

But to only reload at 0 bullets? Almost every gun that exists in this modern era, has the ability to reload whenever you want. And when there is one bullet in the chamber, this would mean the total capacity is going to be “bullets in mag + 1” realistically speaking.

I would like realistic reloads as an option. I get to reload whenever I want but if I still have rounds in the magazine I loose that amount from my total pool.

Yea because when you go to shooting range and put fully loaded magazine in a pistol you canno’t reload till you empty it, by shooting/spending all the rounds.

No that’s not how it works therefore nothing realistic about that:)

What’s next? Different shoe sizes? Picking up spent shellcasings to not leave any evidence? Wgat about carying several bricks, post packtes, newspapers, busts, knives, pistols, and many many other items in your UNREALISTICALLY behaving tourist shirt?

In games there always is ballance between fluidity of entertainment and belivabillity. If hitman game was realistic, it would be tedious, dark, boring simulator of sitting in car observing your victim for weeks before doing anything.

Realism in games is a pipedream, people offten dont even mean realistic when they say realistic.

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