Magic thread

Welcome to Agent 47s magic thread

When 47 isn’t out killing people, he’s practicing card magic. And you can hire him to come and perform at your moms birthday, for only $900.000 :moneybag:

All kidding aside, @AGENT4T7 gave me the idea to start a magic thread here. So I thought “why not”. I hope this thread will help lighten up your day, and make you wonder what’s actually possible :eight_spoked_asterisk:

My name is Oliver and I’m a magician. I’ve been into magic for about 6 years now, and I’m out performing at different events now and then. But why magic?

Well… the thing about magic is that it can bring people together! It can make even the toughest guy giggle and laugh like little girl! And whether we speak the same language or not, isn’t important at all! As long as you’re able to see what happens, then we can all laugh and wonder together! :open_hands:
It’s like a universal language!

Enough about me! 47 has something to show you guys, and after that, I’ll upload a ton of videos for you guys to watch, all gathered here for your entertainment pleasure.

Feel free to discuss about your experience. Either by what you just saw on video, or let us hear if you ever seen a magic show in real life! If you’re a magician yourself, feel free to let us know! :open_hands:

I have a few more videos on my Facebook page:

Did any of these fool you?
An important rule though, please don’t reveal any tricks here! A magic trick is not fun anymore if you know the secret So don’t ruin the fun for the rest!


Do you perform on stage or just getting started in “the traditions of the trade”?

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If there is a stage then yes.
But its not every person who owns a stage :wink:
I perform where ever I can! Mostly close up though or Cafè magic.

In that case, good luck with your act, just don’t try anything Vaana’s style, because you know that shows involving fire can go wrong in “47 ways”.

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Haha thanks! :wink: I’ll stay away from fire for sure!

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Dude… Awesome job on creating this thread! 47 with the cards!!? had to save that :smile:

But seriously, watching your videos, you certainly are very talented. I was really amazed by all the tricks you did. “A Trick at Caf’e Chill?” Wow, that was really awesome! (No idea how you did that haha) As well as the rest of your videos. Thank you for sharing :smiley:

Keep up the great work bro and I hope to see more videos in the future!

BTW: You should perform a trick while dressed as the “Vampire Magician” :sunglasses:



I still don’t get why this outfit is in Paris.


…Neither do I haha neither do I… :joy:

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Thanks man! Really appreciate it! :smile:
Its amazing how easy it is to mess with the brain! :open_hands:

Haha :joy: Yeah, that would be hilarious! :joy: he’s the nights entertainment!

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Wearing the Summer Suit in the 3 of Spades video :wink:

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Gotta have a fall back plan, In case my magic fails :wink:

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Here’s some magic for y’all who’s still waiting for the map/update to download!
I mean, we might as well look at something as it slowly moves to a 100% x2 :joy:

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More magic :open_hands: Hope this will give you a few minutes of fun :black_joker:
Good day to everyone reading this :smile:


Really awesome tricks man! Always enjoy watching your videos, you’re pretty good. Thanks for sharing, keep it up :+1:t2: hope to see more in the future! :smiley:

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If I can make girls disappear by saying pickup lines, does that count?


Might be a reference to Dracula actually, or the over all strong vampire history in Paris as such. If not, it kind of fits among the tings you might find in the attic of an old mansion, don’t you think.

Not sure on the connection to Hitman though. But i find it more suiting in Paris than in Sapienza or Marrakesh for instance! :slight_smile:


We might never know for sure, but good idea

Thanks man, I really appreciate it! :open_hands::smile:

@WRP_Beater Well, it’s something :joy: Let’s say it counts :joy:


A little late to share this :joy: but here’s my Halloween special :open_hands:


Today is my 20th birthday :birthday:

So here’s a birthday video for you guys :open_hands: