Major criticism against Hitman '16 [REDUX]

In compliance with forum guidelines, let’s keep this thread civil. I’m reposting this topic to voice my criticism against a game that I’m finding frustrating and nonsensical, which is fair criticism and not a violation of the forum rules.

I’m trying out Hitman 6 for the first time and already I’m deeply frustrated with it in the first level, Showstopper. The game literally makes no sense! I’m trying to follow different opportunities to assassinate my targets. First I followed the opportunity about helping the blogger find a lens for her camera and hosting an interview with the male target. At first I didn’t see what the point of it was, but then I discovered it’s possible to plant a remote mine on the camera. Brilliant! So I replan the mission and bring the pale duck remote mine with me. I go through all the motions as usual and try to plant my mine on the camera, but it says concealed item not available. WHY? I’m holding the mine in my hand and the game won’t let me place it on the camera!

So I try something else. I notice that the female target often wanders out onto the balcony to drink from a glass that I can poison, but there are too many witnesses there. Then I find out it’s possible to distract them with a fireworks display. Awesome! So I replan the mission, bringing a syringe of poison with me. I fulfill all the requirements to start the fireworks display. Then right when everyone is distracted I try to poison the glass, but the game says I’m missing poison. Um… no I’m NOT! I’m holding the syringe of poison in my hand! Why can’t I squirt some in the glass? If the syringe can only be used on people, then it is functionally identical to the fiber wire. So why does the syringe even EXIST?

And during the mission, I get caught on camera. Okay, I think, it’s just like in Blood Money where you have to find the security room and sabotage the footage, right? So I wander around looking for the security room and I find it in the attic. Lots of monitors and recording equipment. But there’s nothing I can do here! I tried interacting with every damn monitor but I can’t grab a tape or delete the footage! WHY?

This is only the first mission and I absolutely hate this game unlike any other Hitman title. Why does it make NO SENSE?

If you’re just gonna copy/paste the same text over again, allow me to copy/paste the same responce as i did before, since you’ve still added nothing new to the discussion other than “this game sucks can you help me please”?

Ok so I can maybe help with the 3 examples you have given:
With the camera where you place in the mine, I’m assuming you have just started the game thus not having all the unlocks. You need to unlock the remote explosive rather than using the proximity explosive.
With the syringe of poison, the game wants the player to use a vial of poison rather than a syringe of poison. Again, these are items that are unlocked through multiple playthroughs by earning mastery points.
And lastly, the CCTV equipment that the player can actually interact with is in the basement.
I can understand your frustration if you have just started the game and you don’t fully understand all the mechanics yet, but hopefully this explains a few things. I do find it a bit of a stretch to say this game sucks though, it’s just a game that rewards multiple replays


Poison counts as an accidental kill, meaning you dont have to hide the body. Fibre wire doesn’t count as an accidental kill, so hiding the body would be needed

tbh this isn’t even a criticism thread other than “this game is not making sense plz help”, may i suggest you post your complaints into the help and HITMAN2016 FAQ threads in the future, or write your thread topics as such


You don’t have to create new threads, just post it in an existing one.

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I compared your text here with the old one and didn’t find many changes besides some additions after some replys. Not sure how this is more fitting to the forum rules but well. I bet it will be locked again. Use an existing thread buddy.

Ducks dont work here. I guess it is not fitting into the camera size-wise. You have to use a remote mine.

You can leave poisoned bodies behind, it is no murder for the other NPCs if they did not see you stab the target. FW’ed bodies have to be hidden to get a good rating. Limiting syringes to suspicious stabs is a way to balance the game. It would be too overpowered if you can use it for drinksas well.

If you need a realistic answer here, poisons in real life have an optimal way of use. Some work better when applied to the blood directly, some work better if consumed (also because they are tasteless and are consumed completly).

Because the security room is somewhere else.

The game might have a steep learning curve, but there are WAY worse games.

I am not sure why I am even answering the questions since they got answered in the old thread already. Why asking these again?


Why have a separate help thread for Hitman '16? Discussing problems and finding solutions is a natural part of game discussion, so I don’t see why I can’t post it here. Besides, I can’t find the FAQ thread you mentioned. Forgive me, but the format of this forum confuses me.

Members including myself have already answered your questions in another thread that you can still look at, i dont see why you asked the same questions again abit worded differently.


For starters, because it provides the option to provide information that wasn’t previously available. For instance, I didn’t know that injecting someone with poison counts as an accidental death. (It doesn’t make sense, but still.)

Second, I defend my right to criticize this game. I still respect the forum rules, but I don’t want to feel like I’m being unjustly penalized because I’m hating on a game I find frustrating. I’m reposting this on principle as much as anything else. If you feel it’s redundant or have already provided answers, you needn’t reply further, but I still uphold my desire to express my misgivings.

It doesn’t count as an accident, it just works like that in relation to bodies getting found.

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@Glitcher there are plenty of threads you could’ve posted this in, like here, here, or here. Search is your friend. It’s also fine to revive old discussions as long as it’s productive. However, let me recommend the following:

  • Make a worthwhile post which isn’t a copy-paste of what you’ve already written (ignoring the responses of other members and making them post again is ridiculous)
  • Pick a relevant thread, and be sure to check you’re not duplicating another one if you must create one
  • No need to complain your topic is closed again, as the reasons are pretty clear
  • Keep all these things in mind when deciding to post next time, it makes it easier for everyone

Thanks for your attention.