Make elusive targets re-playable at all times

Only when you complete/fail for the first time, the scores will be updated to the server. For all the other explorations and tries, it is for your own fun and comfort.
What do you guys feel?


My ideal system?

  • you can replay ETs if you played them during the original window
  • the only score that gets sent to the server is your first playthrough
  • no restarts are allowed on that first playthrough

Sounds good, though the third point might be too strict. Shit happens, right?

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Yeah, but there are already a lot of gameplay mechanisms designed to help you mitigate bad situations… mechanisms like “fake surrender” that many of us never actually use because it always makes more sense to restart or load from a save. This would give us a reason to use those features.

For me in ETs, shit usually happens when I accidentally electrocute myself or blow my ass up… and there’s no restarting from that anyway.


What a genius idea! I can’t believe someone hasn’t thought of this until now!


I’ve always been thinking that game developers spent lots of time and effort in elusive targets, and it is such a pity when we cannot play them anymore (only playing once is also a waste, my personal feeling). We also have lots of elusive targets in season one, which are gone forever. … Even if you get to play it, there are so many ways you can complete the mission, so many fun possibilities, that players cannot enjoy. All you can do now is to carefully try one safe method and try to get SA. A big part of the fun is wasted.


I think they could someday. But maybe have them come with challenges, or ways to kill them. I mean, if they’re going to be free to play at any ol’ time - then ya might as well mix it up a bit and make it interesting. But don’t have any type of reward associated with them… Or do. But just not the suits… Or do? :crazy_face:

Hmm. I’m not sure how that’d work out. All I know is there shouldn’t be anything like a White-Yukata MKII, etc.

One thing to consider is the content and configurations of the Missions when ETs are active. If all the ETs for Sapienza or Paris were available all at the same time (in different Missions) - would all of that ‘Data’ be stored on your machine locally? Or would it all be available ‘Online Only’? As in accessed from a server?

At any rate - I’d be surprised if it’d ever happened.

It’s a great idea. It’d also be great for people who come to the game late. My heart goes out to people who want to buy Hitman maybe 5-10 years from now only to find that all the content is online-only and locked off despite being a single player game. I do hope they do something along the lines of what you suggest to make the game playable even in the far future. Maybe make the challenges actually able to be completed offline when they plan to pull the plug on the servers. There’s no reason to restrict it to online only.


I disagree with this conclusion.

Sure, if you prioritize some suit reward over having a fun and original experience/kill, that is still your own choice. You don’t HAVE to carefully try one safe method at all.

Hey!!! I am a big fan of your Youtube channel. You are the real deal, man.

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You are making me blush. Thanks though


I totally agree and I think that they will make available again at the and of all seasons. My ideal system is to put all elusive targets of a map in the same mission. We have to kill all of them bit if we aren’t silent they escape and we fail. To make more difficult there aren’t saves and red marks. In the maps where we have only an ET they could add someone

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Yes. Sometimes the fun is not just in the rewards you unlock for the first time. Completing missions via different approaches, or even failures and corrections bring lots of fun in this game.


Disagree, this is the whole point of ETs

They wouldn’t be called elusive if they weren’t…


i support that idea, that the score cannot be changed but you are still able to play it again.
Though I’m sure @Elusive_Poster would disagree with all this haha.

But they will never do that. As interesting of a concept as it is, elusive targets are first and foremost is IO’s counter-strategy to responsible consumer spending. They exist to trigger FOMO and bring people in. And I would imagine that numbers show that it is working, even if people are constantly complaining about it.

Personally, I feel that excessive rarity of ETs actively hurts gameplay side of things, but it isn’t really about gameplay.

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I totally agree!!Εlusive Τargets should be available for experimentation after the first official try.
But,only players who activate an ET when originally launched ,will be able to access them again
for fun (no extra leaderboards).One more thing though, they will have to be available again after the 10 days period , because otherwise people would play on a secondary account to improve their speedruns and then get a better score on their official account without actual risk…
People who buy H2 later will still have lost forever all previous ETs , and effectively the motivation to get the game early will still be present!!
Please IOI , give us more replayability on the ETs and if possible , make it work like the SarajevoSix Ps4 extra missions with a ,written at least, tie-in ‘‘story’’ line :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently you do not get the concept of “Elusive Target,” my friend.

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I have always thought that IF the ETs were to be repeatable, THEN they should not be repeatable until way after they come out. Like you play them all only when they are available and then a year or 6 months after the last one they could be available for replay.

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^^^ great idea! And as the make new targets, the interval between when they appear can decrease. By season 3s end there might be 60+ targets. You could have a target that lasts for 48 hours and then only have 4 days before the next one. Maybe brand new targets could last for a few days longer and repeats could be the, originally planned, 48 hours.

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