Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1

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This is the first attempted replica of the HITMAN Blackballer 1911. Not really identical to the game besides the markings and the Silencer.
If you scroll down you will find another project, The Silverballer.
You will learn that with time I made lots of mistakes trying to achieve perfection. But learning from them I did got pretty far with my ambitions.

A huge special thanks and appreciation to who realized the Suppressor.

And if you have time, please take a look at my other project the Silverballer Replica Mark 2


Alex Badea


Since I first saw the Silverballer way back in Hitman Contracts I always had the dream to own a replica, toy or just prompt one.
I saw some really cool home made replicas but still not exactly identical. But now with the Blackballer it is very possible to modify an airsoft 1911 into the same one we all saw in the trailers.
Now, I have a good idea in mind and would like to share my thoughts with other fans.

So, here is the Blackballer now

And here is a “WE 1911 Gas Blowback” pistol with no writings on it

BUT if you want even a more realistic approach you can buy the “ARMY R29 replica” which is 95% identical. And if you mange to polish it making it silver, then you have the most realistic Silverballer possible from Hitman Contracts
(NOTE: you still have to change some parts listed bellow in order to achieve the Blackballer similarities)

On this post I’m going to write what is needed to modify the WE 1911

You can see its quite identical besides 2 things and some minor parts.

For the “Front Sight” there is nothing to be done. But the “Rear Sight” one is detachable and can be replaced with something very similar like this one for example
(NOTE: is not the same. It was the 1st one I found on a quick google search)

The other things different from the airsoft version can also be bought and replaced (the minor parts). And with just a little touch of this and that it can turn quite identical to the Blackballer

For example. I notice the “Front Muzzle” is not completely black. The “Bushing” is silver colored as you can see in the pictures. The airsoft replica is not. But here is a part that can be bought and replaced.
But then again I’m not quite sure at this point. Could be a lighting effect

With a recent new screenshot uploaded from the Edge magazine and the trailer World of Assassination I can see another different thing from the airsoft version. The “Backstrap” or also called “Housing”.
Again another part that can be purchased online

The “Magazine/Clip” changes a bit from the airsoft version but with luck I manage to find one sold separate that will do the trick
(NOTE: if you’re going for the WE 1911 and want to change the clip, be sure to search for WE compatible magazine clip)

With the release of the beta and thanks to some screens I did on the new gun model, 2 little parts came to my attention. And those parts are called “Slide Stop/Release” and “Thumb Safety”. Parts that of course can be purchased online from different airsoft Colt models. My fear now is if they match with the “Plunger Tube”. What is a Plunger Tube you may ask? Well, its the tiny tube between the Slide Stop and the Thumb Safety. If the case comes that its too long, well no problem. It can be purchased online a shorter version from a different pistol model
(NOTE: this post was edited on 14 Feb. Happy Valentine)

So far so good. Now here come the big problem. The “TRIGGER”! I can see very well and know very well what type of trigger is that. Is the same one from the Silverballer only black (you can see it in the image bellow). I searched a lot on the web for this part but can’t find nothing besides these models that look similar. Not even the same one from the real gun is on sale

2 triggers I found that resemble 47’s Blackballer

Lets talk about the “Grips”. One thing that I liked a lot about the Silverballer was the grips also known as “Pachmayr American Legend Grips”. The Silverballer version had a custom logo on it on a little metal plate which I think with further investigation I can find some factory online that can replicate those 2 little things.
With the Blackballer version instead, those custom grips are gone. Kinda bad but I would like to add them anyway. Lets call it a classical touch

The last thing of course are the custom writings on the gun. And here comes the luck of having the airsoft model with no logos or marks on it (blank).
I could do that part thanks to an “Engraving” store I have in my town.

Another thing left behind is the silencer. I notice in the Sapienza trailer it has the Hitman logo on it and some long writing.
UPDATE: Thanks to the beta and a good close up screenshot I manage to take, I can finally see what is written on the silencer AO1538/K 42 SUPRESSOR NO.0047

For now this is my idea of how I could replicate it. I just need to wait a little longer to see it and study it better when the game is out.

So? Any suggestions?

UPDATE I just found different companies that makes custom “Medallions” for Colt’s grips.
My little projects is becoming more and more real

UPDATE Silencer has been made thanks to 3D printing technology. A true piece of art.
All thanks for this part goes to which delivered an incredible replica identical to every detail.


I would love to see someone else doing a replica build for Hitman’s lovely pistols. I, too, am using airsoft 1911 bases. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside from the obvious need for more in-game or game-demo/art references, there isn’t much you can do with the new Blackballers. They do look quite a bit like the old Silverballers, only painted black- but as you pointed out, the grip was different in the demo. However- this might change in the final version. So I’d personally wait and see.

For the build itself, I’m not sure whether to go for the actual grip replacement you linked (as it very well may not even fit an airsoft 1911), or to just make it by hand. It depends how hard the grip on the airsoft is to get off. And I highly suggest studying the particular design of the AMT Hardballer,as it’s quite a bit odd as far as the iron sight positions go. I will personally be fully removing both ironsights from my airsoft bases and fully replacing them with pieces of ABS or foam PVC,depending on how the shaping goes.

With the trigger- while replacing it with anew part is definitely the way to go, I’m probably just going to use an engraving tool and/or Dremel to carve the slot in the trigger. Airsoft uses either metal or ABS, and both hold up relatively well to a little dremel work, if you know what you’re doing.Just wear protective gloves and a mask with metal- because hot metal sparks are extremely painful. xD

Good luck with your build. :smile:

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Thanks for the heads up. I think there will be no problem with the grips. Seen lots of people on forums with the exact same one I linked on their Colt’s.

Hope so. xD I’ve heard a few guys doing replica Silverballers have a few issues with the custom grips. Just thought I’d let you know. I may just use epoxy putty and rubber, myself. Mostly to cut down on costs, but then I also don’t have to worry about the grips maybe not fitting the pistols. Since the grips would literally be molded on.

Black ones do look nice, but silvers are classic :smiley: Why not make both ! heh

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I would love more than anything the Silverballers but there are no “Hardballer” slides on sale, or at least something that look similar with no logo on it. So I’m sticking with the black one. Besides I’m starting to like the black ones more and more

Some serious kit bashing going on in here.
I like it.

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Maybe look for a similar slide with removable sights? The only difference between a Colt 1911M1 slide and the Hardballer slide is the iron sights. Though idek if you can find the adjustable rear sight that the Hardballer uses. Too bad they’re not in production anymore.

This whole part is the difference. An there is nothing similar out there (Airsoft)

I think it’s just a thin rail on the top. Sort of like a tac rail on a rifle. But idk if you can get them after-market for pistols.

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Looking at it now Maybe it is possible “building” one. Still, I’m going for the Blackballer. If that one succeed well I might buy other 2 Chrome 1911 and go for the Silverballer :smiley:
And thank you for specifying the term of that part. I’m not native English so I have my difficulties when searching online for stuff

No problem. If you ever need help, just shoot me a message. :smile:

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So I just realized that the Blackballers- as we keep calling them- aren’t Ballers at all. o.o I looked closer at them, and there is one glaring point that I don’t seem to have noticed before. The iron sights and slide are not from AMT Hardballers. There’s no rail along the top of the slide. The sights are also shaped differently, which I didn’t really notice you already point out here:

The larger picture also details the smooth and rounded slide top. No rail. I’m thinking these need a better name. xD Because they’re obviously a different 1911 model.

Actually, it seems to be a Series 70 Colt 1911, Gold Cup edition.

Though, the slide seems straighter near the nose. But 47 is a custom slide man, so that’s no biggie.

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A chrome one of these can make a perfect Silverballer. Almost identical. How do you scrap off the writings on an softair gun without damaging?

Depends if it’s metal or not. If it’s plastic, sand down the engraving and fill it with fiberglass resin. For metal, you should be able to use JB Weld with metal in it to fill in any engraving. Or this steel-filing-filled plastic stuff I haven’t used yet. Don’t know what it’s called.

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I really have no idea how to make none of this. My only option would be to contact directly the factory and asked for a blank one even if I have to pay more.
Once in 2013 I really wanted to posses a replica so bad that I contacted “Marui” for a custom made one, sending them all photos needed. I told them of course I was a privet customer and just needed one gun for private collection. They told me it was possible and that they will build one from scratch but it would cost me 3.000$. I was like “ooooo f***” but the intention was there :smiley:

I know how to do it. I just don’t have the materials. xD I even have a hand engraver that I’ll be using on my own Silverballers when I get the stuff to make them.

Seems like you are totally right.
I just found one airsoft gas blowback with no marks on it. But it looks kinda made out of cheap material

Any way. Its the slide that is important. Do you think replacing a slide from a certain gun with a different mark could still work the same if not better?

My idea is since they are both produce from WE maybe the slide from this one could work on the frame of 1911. What do you say?

Hard to say. If it’s made by a different company, there’s a chance it won’t fit. But it’s worth a shot, I guess.

So… This baby has arrived today and its perfect. No markings, no logos. It is totally blank. Perfect. Now what I have left to do is engrave the Hitman logo and the writings after that I have left the Slide Stop, Thumb Safety, the silencer and those sexy grips.
The gun in se feels awesome. The grips are very cheap material and look like they were made in a hurry. Besides that I like the gun’s metal. It has a problem with the magazine from the factory I guess. Once pressing the clip release it wont came out unless I actually pull it off. I will buy another clip in time
So much for my plan on doing it on the WE 1911 :smiley: