Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1

Version 2 only appears in HITMAN ABSOLUTION… and that says enough about whether the guide rod can be considered canonical or not.


Absolution has the best Silverballer ever when it comes to details.


in my opinion the silverballer (Absolution) variant is the best from all series next is the blackballer that pistol is looks spectacular and i thing its add some fresh to hitman

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…and Gunplay!


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That airsoft is amazing I’m an airsofter and wish they sold them like this coz I am shore not only the hitman fans but others would buy them and pay a good fue quid for them I would, think I’ll have to try and make them your silverballer is fantastic as well if u ever want to sell them please give me 1st refusal lol good job

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Have you seen my new topic on the Silverballer? This one is an old one.

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You really should start selling them to order coz I reckon they would sell like hot cakes, as u can’t buy them in shops I’ll have to try and make them, use what u done as a guide, they look fantastic and I bet ur the envy on the airsoft field lol can’t wait to see the mark 3

Naaah, there is no demand for the Silverballer. Plus it really costed me a lot to make those pieces starting from the 3D designers to the actual production to the hand work.
The Silverballer Mark 2 costed:

150 € Airsoft 1911
400€ 4 custom logo medallions for grips
350 € handmade engravings with renewed metal finish
350€ 3D printing file projects of the thumb safety and slide release
95€ handmade silencer with custom laser engravings
80€ LPA rear sight
80€ (if I recall correctly) Recoil spring set + paint removal and modification by hand to the spring plug
36 € modification to the rear sight to make it fit on the gun
35€ (if I recall correctly) black housing
30€ grips

Total 1.606 € and it’s not even finish or that true identical. So to make a profit I need to sale it at 2.500 € maybe?
There are airsoft guns out there that costs this much. For example the next replica I’m working on costs 1.000€ and it’s all made in full Stainless Steel, but they have a factory under them that can produce lots of quantities. Me on the other hand has to depend on other people and need to wait really a lot for some parts. Especially the engravings which I had to wait 3 months to have them finish.


Wow that is a lot, I think mine will just resemble urs with the markings, extended slide and safety, and grips, as I plan on using it on game days at that cost I would be afraid of scratching it lol but if u want profection then it’s fair to say that it costs, where did you get the engraving done? Coz yours looks amazing

I got the engravings done here by locals (north Italy) and they are true professionals that does these kind of work on real weapons and so on.
Real artists. These down here are made by them by hand.


I am wanting to make a replica of the silverballer too, but I am stuck on what gun I should use. I am looking at the WE 1911 Matte Chrome, would you recommend this gun or are there better models out there?


I made my first attempt on the Silverballer exactly on the WE1911.
I don’t suggest it.
The material of that gun is really bad (aluminium), and there are no compatible pieces out there for it, if not doing what I’m doing and created them with 3D printers.

Many that does their work on the WE won’t even engrave it but will stamp all the trademarks on a transparent sticky paper and attach it to the gun.

This picture under is my first attempted Silverballer. I had to trow it away because I drilled so many holes in it to fit the trigger and another piece that it would’t work any more.

I’m making a final and an identical version of it now here:


Thanks man, so you recommend the CYBERGUN Colt Series 70? Is that what you’re using for your final attempt?

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Final attempt is on an INOKATSU Colt Series 70’s. This pistol is considered the most precises replica of a 1911 that you couldn’t tell them a part.
It also became quite rare to find. This replica starts at 900 € and it’s made internally out of stainless steel.
I rushed to buy mine from China.

The link I shared is a CYBERGUN but it isn’t that great. You can as I did sand down the markings on the slide and after re create the ones the Silverballer has.
Other brands I can’t really tell. The CYBERGUN has this nice color of the Hardballer.

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Thanks so much man! Would love to see some pics of your latest attempt

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Do you have any idea of how i can manage to create a 100% replica airsoft of the one 2nd on the left "+Silencer_01 and +Grip Cover… with all the equipment on the picture?

like where i can buy the airsoft and the upgrades. starting from scratch.

source for the picture is: The difference between the Silverballer & ICA Silverballer and "Blackballer" & ICA19

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i’m sure if someone can help you, its @badeaguard


could you help @badeaguard

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Hello there, I never gave much attention at this gun since I really hate it but it seems very simple to replicate.

First of all, you can’t do it entirely by yourself if you’re not skilled in any way with finishing metals and painting.

What I discovered about these weapons from season 1 is that they are replicas of airsoft replicas.
This gun (ICA19) can already be found and bought and all you have to do is replace the Thumb Safety and grips that are different. Maybe even the Hammer if it doesn’t come identical.

Ah… Found it. You just need to change the grips and the Bushing in front.
This pistol is a Tokyo Marui MEU 1911:

As you can see it’s the same gun! Identical everywhere you look. You need to buy a Silver Bushing, I suggest NOVA and a Recoil Spring Guide that stays under the Bushing which is the picture down here.

Last thing is a black Trigger with 3 holes in it.

Now here comes the tricky part. That gun is marked.
What does it mean? I means you have to find some one who is a professional in metals and painting, or find 1 people for each. One that knows metals and the other one that knows paintings.
You need to completely sand down the entire gun (with out the accessories but just the skeleton of the gun which is the Slide and Frame) so that you can remove the writings it has, paint it all over in black and then laser engrave all the markings that the ICA19 has. In other words replicate them.

And this is where you need other peoples help.

Regarding the Grips these one look close. They are called 1911 black grips wrap around in case you want to search and find better.

Silencer instead you need to create that. I had mine done with the help of and I recommend them to you with all my heart.
If you ever decide to contact them tell them that I told you about them :wink:

EDIT: this seems to be your lucky day, found one not marked. But judging from the price I don’t know what you can expect.
It’s gas blowback by the way.

Nuprol Raven MEU

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Which Bushing type 1 or 2