Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1

the 2-piece or the reverse-plug?


i couldn`t find it, but is this made out of metal?

and does this grip fit. and does this grip need a specific set of screws?

and i think this looks very much alike. and will this fit or have any problems?

Grips will be just fine, as for the screws I don’t know, use the ones the 1911 comes with or if they are different search online for Tokyo Marui 1911 screws.
All airsoft blowback pistols are made out of metal.

Hmmm. Do you know if there is another gun I can change with which has 300+ FPS? Or do you know what to search for.

Which looks almost identical, but with 300+fps

Is this 100% identical, but with higher FPS?


I have no idea about that question. I don’t know nothing about the power of the airsoft weapons and what’s inside.
Actually I don’t even know all the pieces what are called. I only learned the basics from the Silverballer and observing what’s different than the replicas I have.
But I do know by law they all have the same power. How ever you can modify it to make it more powerful that is for sure.

I mean that i want to know if the gun is the same size as the other Tokyo marui you showed me and fits the same parts. Like grip, and spring guide barrel bushing… trigger etc? Same length … since both of them is a Tokyo Marui meu…

Almost all airsoft replicas have the same size. Besides my Inokatsu Colt, this one is longer which I’m glad about.
As for the pieces I have no idea. Contacts the shop and ask at this point. But all the pieces are there.

For the grips don’t worry. They will fit I’m sure about that.

I didn’t know where to put this and didn’t think it needs its own thread (I feel like I write that a lot).

Pachmayr is now making the American legend 1911 grips in various colours like pink and purple and green.


Oh those have been around for quite some time now. There are also black.

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Btw do we all agree that the black lilly is the blackballer or what?

@badeaguard I stumbled upon this and thought of you. Your thoughts on it?

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Already saw it. For once I got really impressed about the details of someone else replica.
They are a company that produces them of course. But still everything is on spot. Only thing is that the replica is in plastic. Nice to display, identical in every detail, but you can still see and feel it’s not metal.

Mine how ever is on hold at the engraving villa. But I’m getting the medallions on the grip made out of ceramic and that should look incredible.


Good Lord, I believe I’ve just come.


Then you need to see this, my other project.

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Oh yeah, no question Metal would definitely be better (like yours) I just saw this and thought of you, figured I’d share :blush:

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I know this is late. But if you’re still making your guns. You can get some 3D printed out of silver at for cheaper than the coin factory. I have a 3D model of them I made for myself I could just size it and send it to you, no problem.

Amazingly accurate design. Now just build a real Silverballer and test it on custom contracts of your own choice to evaluate the gun’s stopping power :wink: .

Hello, oh you’re a bit late.
I grew a lot since this replica and my ambition from making something that looks close went to making something identical that looks luxury.
@HSRGV take a look at this thread because I abandoned the Blackballer to achieve the perfect Silverballer.

I’m making all the 3D parts from titanium now. They cost a lot but the quality is very noticeable.
Instead the medallions are now made out of stainless steel without a logo to be then engraved forming the Hitman symbol filling the empty spots with black paint. I want them to look like jewels.

I’m making 2 more models each different than the other and their cost is something near 1.000€ but it’s going to be pure perfection and art. The people making them guaranteed me.
We will see.