Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1


I went to the gun shop today. They promise it will be done next month. So lets hope. I was right that they some how didn’t do it identical. In fact that rail was too large. So I showed him again telling and telling and thanks to an illustrative drawing. He might have understand.
Then I hold 2 real guns in my hand. That feel. I was talking to an elder gentlemen there that had a Beretta. He let me hold it. Great feel and asked me about my gun. I told him I’m into replicas and he was pretty confuse when I told him I’m here for a toy that I wanted modify. The look on his face when I told him was hilarious.
Again I tried to bribe the owner of the shop into letting me fire the Hardballer. But no can do. He told me that he has a private shop. So the only way I can come here and use the firing range is to own my own gun. A thing That I think I’m going to do in the nearest future. My first gun will be the Hardballer! Then in time I will do a real replica of the Silverballer. For now I like toys


Look what came into the mailbox today. I have problems fitting the trigger, but with a little modification I can make it fit with no problems.


I had heard that AMT was the Lotus of firearms. TLDR: Very unreliable, so tread lightly @badeaguard. Their quality control wasn’t all that great for which some gunsmiths in the US refuse to work on them. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some good ones out there, however.


I really don’t know what to say. I don’t know nothing about real firearms and their companies. I did how ever read that this company died in 2001 or 02 I believe. How ever I only love it because its 47’s.


Today I went at one of my friends house to do something about the trigger. We made the hole larger. It looks ugly but the trigger manages to hide it.


After contacting many airsoft suppliers I receive a reply from one French company that seems to be interested to forge a custom gun for me.
They told me they are going to refer this to the border or something like that and let me know. Since its France and really close to me, in case they say no I will go directly to their factory (yes, I’m that ambitious) and show them I’m very determinate in making my dream come true.
I contacted once Tokyo Marui in 2012 and they accepted to make a Silverballer replica for me at the cost of 3.000€. I backed then but now Its almost a price I’m really willing to pay. But today I learn many things from trying to replicate the Blackballer and the Silverballer. So I just need the body kit and I will take care of the rest. I’m hoping I will be charged something near 1.000€ for what I have in mind. After all its their own product with the bullet exit hole a little shorter and the top flatted that I need them to make. So I believe they might have no problem there. The extra costs are just the handy work.
My desire is to make it look just like this:

I will how ever continue to finish this replica on the WE. The more I do stuff the more I’m learning from my mistakes.

Another big news is that I figured out how to make a very nice briefcase replica. I got the idea to find some company to produce me first the top part of the case and the bottom, then another company than can make the ABS shell so I can then manually attached them my self, I can buy separate the handle then one last company to make the internal part in dark red.

This should work. One “trick” I’m going to pull on is contacting with the excuse of the prototype then if the material convince me I’m going to contact again for a mass production. I’m not so sure what I’m risking here by lying. But every time I say the truth that I’m a private buyer and I’m interested in one personal product for personal use I get the response of “we don’t make more than 200 units” or “that will cost very much, close to 10.000$”. So this seems my only choice.


@badeaguard I may be a little late showing this, I’m sure you have it all figured out already.

But just in case, I found a decent photo where you can see the sights on the Silverballer.


Already got it :wink: Everything is set. But I’m in a big difficulty in finding that company that could make me a 1911 from scratch


A 1911 from scratch? You know that’s gonna cost a fortune man lol

Maybe you could find someone selling an actual AMT? They stopped making them, so if you find someone that already owned one and took care of it, you could probably get one for a decent price.


Not a real one of course, airsoft. They do produce how ever custom real slides from scratch for guns. I wonder how much will it cost.
Actually its easier finding some one do to the job on a real gun than to an Airsoft replica.


Ah, I see. For a custom slide, I actually saw on eBay YEARS back, somebody was selling just the slide. It was an exact replica slide… To the T.

but the guy I remember was asking $500 some USD.

Which really ain’t that bad to be honest. I mean considering it was an actual slide and he custom made it and the engravings and all. But damn, I wish I had a picture to show you. Man I’m telling you it was EXACT! To the positioning of the engravings to the sights, everything. You would have drooled :laughing:


This is what the Silverballer slide really looks like. I have this custom made by a 3D artist
The only way to make it identical is to build it from scratch.


Wait you have this already, or you mean that’s what you’re planning on getting?

EDIT: nvm I see what you meant now lol

Either way, that is really nice man, I’d hate to see the price tag on that, but it would be damn well worth it. As you get further along with your project or when you’re done, you gotta give me all the details man, what companies you used, where you got all the materials and how etc… Everything! :laughing: I need this as well!


This is just a 3D project. I have more blueprints with every detail. The only Company who accepted to do it was in 2012 Tokyio Marui and they charge me 3.000€ for the complete thing. I think that by just creating the Slide and Frame with the materials I want it will cost way less. But still near the 1000k.
I’m getting really serious abut this


Haha yeah I can tell!
Well, I’m saving these photos just in case :wink:
It’s gonna be THE Silverballer replica when it’s all said and done, I’m sure.

Keep us posted man, I’m really, really excited to see how it turn out!


If all goes good Monday I have the slide ready from the work shop. Till then I’m searching


That’s great, I’ll keep an eye out as usual. Again, keep us posted!


Well I just contact an airsoft gunsmith by lying that I need a prototype to show to my company.

Being honest apparently takes me nowhere. So here I am searching to make a prototype for then showing to my company… and if they like it we will want to mass produce it…
Hope this won’t get me in trouble. I fucking contacted 20+ with all seriousness to pay in advance for a custom kit. But nothing. No one makes orders if not for 200+ pieces


Oh man you lied… They’re gonna see your post on the forum


Nah, keep looking man don’t give up. If you’re really willing to pay I’m sure someone will be willing to do the work. You just gotta find the right person. Who knows, maybe you don’t even need to find an actual company. Try searching online somewhere. Sometimes average everyday people do stuff like that. Maybe you can find someone where that’s a hobby of theirs or they have access to stuff like that, maybe a welder…


I think AMT hardballer is the only 1911 with the rail, so if you want somebody to make you a softgun slide you have to say it must be the same slide as the AMT hardballer.