Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1


Io, come on thats worth an update to hitman, that includes the blackballer :slight_smile:


That is what I was charged from Tokyo Marui back in 2012. But now I’m really considering it.
I’m chating with this gunsmith on facebook about what I need, give him 3D images of just the slide and so on. He keeps showing me other products. I then repeat the same thing shoving again and the material I want it to be used.


Hahaha, that’s right @badeaguard stand your ground, if he don’t want to make what you want, try again with another gunsmiths, but if you have 3D images you could also try som 3D printing studios if they exists.


If you search google for 3D printing metal studios you will find many, here is one from Australia:


I contacted one that build very complicated stuff. The reply I had from them was “We do not produce anything related to guns” not even when I told them it is just for a toy.
But more important than the shape for me is the metal. I want it at all cost in Stainless


I still don’t see why you don’t just buy a real AMT Hardballer. Surely it’s much cheaper and requires less modification? I know this is your passion but a custom made airsoft gun is going to cost a fortune.


I like replicas. I like having them at home and going around woods playing shooting at each other with friends.



Okay so the Colt gold cup has the same rail as the AMT, but the rear sight is different.

@badeaguard how about this softgun? It has the same rail.


But its not the same as 47’s Silverballer. The rail is too wide. These are details you can’t miss.


Just gonna leave this here…


Not even close. Another 3D model with just the engravings and logo and grips

I rise you this :wink: Quite close. At least the rail on top with the rear sights are right and the magazine base.


Haha I just posted it because I never saw those pictures before lol I’m trying to gather as many “replica” photos I can from different people. Whether they are accurate or not, it’s good to have a variety when pointing out the flaws. But yeah you’re right, those are more accurate, especially the sights.


The only good pictures and precise about the Silverballer replica are the ones in the wallpaper games, or my notes.


Well not with Contracts anyway :joy: In Contracts, both sides of the slides were exactly the same lol then again, that was just because the graphics too back then.

But yeah, I only like to gather a lot of photos because I always see a lot of photos where only a few things are accurate, where the other only has maybe the correct hammer, trigger, etc.

That way I can take bits and pieces from different photos and put them together to create an actual (accurate) “replica” for when I do my own.

It seems nobody can ever get it 100% the grips are always dark as hell, almost red :laughing: Then again, not everybody is a crazy perfectionist, such as us. Lol


awwww that’s sweet :smiley:

Well, I manage to find brighter grips. They are called "PACHMAYR COLT 1911 GRIP HERITAGE WALNUT"

And also in Blood Money in game the writings were the same on both sides. And in the wallpapers they are as they should.


Yup, I actually found those same ones a while back. However, I found them on EBay. Yeah those are a lot better. I don’t know why so many people insist on always using the real dark colored ones lol what Silverballers are they looking at? :laughing:

Yeah, I know the wallpapers are correct I was just referring to the “in game” models. And if I recall, the positioning of the insignia in Absolutions was off…

(Notice the slide release)




I some how like it better on the Absolution one. And the only reason people buys the dark colored one is because they don’t know there are other colors as well or just can’t notice the difference in colors.
Going back on the logo on the Silverballer, I like it way more putted like that. Look at this wallpaper


Yeah, I actually like that wallpaper myself…
However, that is the one thing I always have a hard time deciding on. Is the positioning of the insignia. I do like how it’s show in the wallpaper above, but I can’t help but to feel like I’m “selling out” if I wouldn’t end up going with how it’s shown in Contacts. Seeing that’s where it was shown to be positioned FIRST, it feels “altered” going with Absolutions IMO.


I hope that you don’t get a short suppressor like the Absolution wallpaper one.


The silencer looks quite ok to me. It should be 20cm long.