Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1


I’m so close, but at the same time so far.
The extended thumb safety arrived today and its not compatible with the WE 1911 or my last purchase the CYBERGUN 1911. It could fit if you make the hole bigger in the frame, but you risk to ruin some important part (maybe) and not make the gun functional.
I contacted a second 3D printing service for the medallion and they give me the same quote. Almost 300€ so I said fuck it! Make me one and if its good I will order another one.
At this point I started to think that to make the perfect Silverballer you need to make everything from scratch.


That’s odd. The loading screen for “The Meat King’s Party” has an peculiar Silverballer. No slide-stop and the marking are off.


Because in Hitman Contracts they made a Silverballer for the left hand. Usually the bullet exit on every gun is on the right side. As you can see here this one is on the left. So it was intend back then to have a Silverballer just for the left hand.
From Blood Money they decided to have 2 identical.


I’m going to show something really wonderful next week. I have the medallions in work progress. Now, I did pay for them 300, but not 300€. It was 300£ which was a total of 400€… Almost 500$.
I don’t know what the final result will be. But I’m very confident they going to look just exact as they are on Agent 47’s Silverballers. Can’t wait to have them in my hands and share some pics with you.
And if this company is good, I’m going to build thanks to them almost the whole gun from scratch.


I don’t know if its a light thing or the screws on the Absolution Silevrballer grips are bottom black and upper silver. But I think there might be a reason design maybe.
So I decided to buy just 2 silver screws for the grip that seems to look exactly like the one I already have.

I need to give a very huge thanks to @FantumX who helped me get the right grips. The bright color Pachamyr grips were available only in the USA an none of them shipped to Italy. FantumX did me the huge favor to ship them to me.
I’m continuing my project on 2 pistols model now. The WE 1911 and the Cybergun 1911. My favorite so far is this new CO2 gun I have bought recently from Cybergun. It has a wonderful metal but it has the problem that its marked.
I talked to some people who are experts in metals and there seems to be a easy way to remove them, but I have to cut almost 1 mm on the sides of the gun.
Another limitation I have with this new model is that you can’t “pimp” it. There are no extra accessories for it like the extended thumb and slide safety. But I might have that cover from the same company that made me the medallions.
I believe they can make them for me. Even if it will going to cost something I guess.

This one is going to be the Hitman Contracts Silverballer Replica. Next week I’m going to have the medallions in hands and can’t wait to share a photo with you.


Hey, thanks for the shoutout. Was very happy to help you out bud. I know it’s your passion and you are a such a cool guy, how could I not :sunglasses::+1:

You can thank me with a beer…or ten…when you visit the US. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got the markings removed by a coworker. But doing so he damaged some parts on the slide. Looking at it gives the impression to be used too many times.
Now I know it can be done. But next time I’m going to go to some one more professional.

I was wondering, does any one who own firearms knows what 47 is doing in this cutscene?


Removing the markings does give it a very sleek look. Too bad about the resulting damage.:cry:

Learn as you go :+1:


@MadMax might be able shed some light on that.

But it just looks like general cleaning of the weapon to me.

Should be able fix this with high grit sand paper or a buffing/polishing wheel & compound. Looks like the finish was taken off the metal, so you might want to do the rest like that, or find out how they finished the metal & redo it.


And that is exactly what I am going to do.
So my best friend had this brilliant idea to take the slide to a car mechanic so he ca polish it like they do on cars and at first it sounded stupid. But then thinking…
Well long story sort I went to a car mechanic to polish a pistol replica :smiley: At first I went there showing my car that I want it to polish it in september and adjust the front and rear cover. Then I added "and another thing. This might seem very stupid and I’m really sorry for wasting your time, but can you polish this model replica I have?"
And wow he told me he could do it with out a problem :anguished: I was very surprised by how gentle and kind this sir was to help me. In a week it should be done. Now the slide is ruined yes, but at least now I know it can be done in a way or another. I will buy in time another one and do the replica better. For now I’m keeping this one as an experiment to learn from my mistakes.

And since I’m a man of my word, I am going to take my car there to polish it and change oil.


He appears to be polishing or cleaning the slide with a piece of rolled-up flannelette. However, the accompanying sound effect is peculiar.


It could also be possible that he is oiling the slide. But I believe he is just cleaning it.


@MadMax it makes a sound like he’s scratching something with a stone


Well… the engravings are deep, so perhaps he’s cleaning/scraping the dirt out of it.

I don’t know exactly what he’s doing it’s hard to tell. But I guarantee he’s cleaning it, or oiling it. Or both. He does take pride in his beloved Silverballer, after all :stuck_out_tongue:


What if I’ll buy replica gun 1911, non-firing, instead off BB or strike ball? Like a Denix? Does I can change trigger and hammer with Marui details?


You can buy a non firing weapon like from this website I just found some of them even ca shot blanks and have a recoil effect.
I personally prefer to have it airsoft because I want to shoot at cans or at friends when playing airsoft.
But you have to change a lot more than the hammer and trigger.


I just live in Thailand and it’s some problems with airsoft.
But some times i’m training with a real 1911, but i need replica at home for a concentrate and trainings.


Why so you have problems with airsoft toys? If you could do it on a real one things become more easy because the market for pieces is vast and you can find every piece. I’m facing a big problem now with the extended thumb safety and extended slide stop. I’m trying to find some one that could 3D model them and print them in the same material I have my airsoft gun. But no luck so far.


@AGENT4T7 @FantumX I have something very nice to show you :smiley: What do you think? 400€ and I don’t know why they made me 6 of them. Its f*** perfect!!!
They are not perfect. But really close to perfection.

Hitman pistol grips Silverballer replica


Does the wood seem varnished slightly too light or is just me?

Always thought they were a bit more red/brown personally.