Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1


Could be. I choose in particular this tone of color because the other option was dark red. Then in the Hitman artwork it kinda varies a bit. For example, this grip I have here is almost the same color as the Absolution Silverballer.
Hitman Contracts had something closer to orange.




AWWWWESOME!!! :scream:


Thank you :smiley: This one is really boosting my confidence into making it the perfect Silverballer till the end of the month I will have ready the markings on both WE and CYBERGUN models.


Beautifully well made ! you’re making me jealous. :grin::+1:


Damn dude, those are freaking SEXY!! :heart_eyes:

Those medallions… PERFECT! Best I have ever seen on a fan made “Silverballer” by far!

Personally, I think the grips are great as well. They have the shade from BM and Abs. Every time I see a fan made SB they always had bright reddish color and I’d get so angry :laughing:

This is looking perfect man! You definitely will be amongst those with a perfect SB (if not the only one) lol

Can’t wait to see it totally finished, in all its glory.


Thank you very much :smiley: Like I said before. These medallions and grips really are boosting my confidence. I made a lots of mistakes in trying to make the Silverballer. So when I will have good money to spend I can make it for sure identical.
I started to thinking your way about the markings. Since the Hitman Contracts version of the Silverballer is the very first, I shall make the marking that way.

Hitman Contracts

Hitman Absolution


Yeah man, it’s looking fantastic, you should be proud!
Trial and error, but you are definitely there now. :ok_hand:

And yeah, I mean that’s just my opinion, but I’m glad to hear you’re going in that direction.

I did like the SB from Abs, but it always bothered me a bit, that the placing of the logo in that one was slightly off. That’s actually one of the first things I recognized my first time playing :laughing:

But that’s great, I’m happy to hear you decided to go with the original look


I got back the slide from the car mechanic. It didn’t work out as I expected. The scratches are still there, but its polish alright, like a car.
It looks like its wrapped in some kind of shinny plastic. It even shines. It looks really kinda bad but like I said before “I’m learning from my mistakes”.
I talked with another gun shop owner if there can be done something and apparently it can be done for 50€ to scrap away the markings keeping the same metal effect. I hope this time I will get it right.
After I took it from the mechanic to engrave it in Contracts style. It should be ready by next week or this Saturday. If this works out well I’m going buy another CYBERGUN 1911 and this time make it right. I shall keep of course this one as an experiment.


Screws arrive and they were not 2 as I thought but 8. Very good.
Big surprise ironically speaking they don’t fit on the WE1911 and neither do they on the CYBERGUN 1911. Apparently the WE1911 is just good for engraving and that’s it. There seems to be nothing out there that is compatible with this company.
So far they make a lot of stuffs for Marui including these screws.
But I try them on any way to have an idea. Now, in Absolution the bottom screw is black and the top one is silver. I like it this way. In the other games both screws were silver colored.
Which one looks better?


I dont get why screws are such a problem. Btw I find the black bottom a nice detail.

The trigger looks weird with the screw showing, and is it white?


Silver white. I got it from Mafioso Aluminum Hardballer kit


That’s the overtravel adjustment screw. It’s usually visible on the AMT Hardballer because its trigger is skeletonized.


Oh well I have no clue about weapons, besides that when you pull the trigger it goes pew pew :smiley:


Personally, I like the screws both Silver. Keep it traditional, especially seeing that you decided to keep the original positioning of the insignia on the slide.

That’s just my opinion though :slightly_smiling_face:




Well, it didn’t went as planned


The bottom right below the slide doesn’t look too bad… but what happened to the left? Maybe it’s just me, but the logo seems off. To me, it looks like it should have been positioned to the right more of the slide stop. Still looks nice don’t get me wrong.


Bottom hooey, top phooey!


It looks horrible. I told to put the logo in that position thinking it will be a little bigger. But I was wrong. And the logo should be a little lower as well.
I need to search for some professional engraver that does the work on real weapons.
He told me that he didn’t even try to add the writings on the slide because seeing the result on the logo it was pointless.
My big surprise is that the engravings won’t come black.


Besides the engraving, it looks like a completly different kind of steel.