Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1


Hmm… so what’s the game plan now? Are you gonna get a new slide or a whole new one altogether? Perhaps the type of steel the gun is, is why the engravings didn’t appear dark. I’d look into that. The “WE Tech 1911 Chrome” (that type of steel) will have the engravings turn up black. So maybe get one with that type of steel.

Or maybe it appeared light because the work that you had done on it previously, before the engraving?? Maybe that did something…


I talked to the man who made the engravings some time back and told me something about industrial machines that can do it.
I will buy another CYBERGUN 1911 later. This one works of course so I’m going to keep it for spare parts and use it as an experiment for further engravings.


Yeah that may be your best bet. At least you have spare parts now, like you said.

Learning/working process :slightly_smiling_face:


But aren’t you making a blackballer? Shouldn’t it be black like this:?


I did tempt to make one. Not very identical. I’m focusing now on the Silverballer and since I started a discussion here about replicating it in time I will add here the initial project.
But I have to keep it once again on hold for reason.
Blackballer will be a future project again one I manage to find some solutions with the Silverballer. Everything I buy is not compatible with the guns I have.


Okay, now i understand it better :joy:, maybe change the thread title to Blackballer/Silverballer?

Have you found a softgun slide with the same rail as the Hardballer? Or do you have to make one without it?


I will make the rail separate with the front and rear sight as well. Those things need to be made. Top priority now is to figure out how to do the engravings. I didn’t tough about it to be such a serious problem.


Found a softgun site with softgun parts, this is a long slide, so this would be wrong, but maybe you can find a suitable slide here?


No, the slide is incorrect (the rail) the one used in the Silverballer is a fantasy weapon because nothing like this exists out there.


Yeah, the rail is very narrow compared to the Hardballer, getting a slide like that can become very expensive very fast :flushed:.

Is the AMT Hardballer rail from the early Hitman games as narrow as this? If not, then i would make a replica from when it was as close to the Hardballer as possible :smiley:.

More airsoft guns parts for you: :smiley:


My only problem is that all the guns are marked. Any way, a gun shop told me they can do the job and remove the writings giving the same metal result as it has now.
That bar will be something build separate among with the rear sight and front. I was thinking about 3D printing.
So far I don’t think that making the bar will be that expensive.


You could make this:

With this slide:

Because it looks like in early Hitman games Agent 47 used a long AMT Hardballer, same lenght as the airsoft gun slide and you will also have the right engravings :smiley:.


Nah, this slide is longer… it’s not easy this :joy:.


I’m still waiting for the day they are going to produce a AMT Hardballer with no long slide.


Yeah, that would be perfect :smiley:.


I just figured out the answer to your problem. Create a badass gun then submit the specs to IO for them to include it in S2. When S2 comes out…voila!.. You have a perfect game replica. And perhaps IO will name it the Badea Baller to honor all your effort and hard work.


hahaha that would be wonderful. But I want to poses the original one that I felt in love with.


I’m scrolling through numerous pages here without any luck in finding a proper slide :flushed:.

It looks like you can build whatever 1911 you want, except the Silverballer :joy:.


You have no idea how many airsoft factories I contact asking to make make me a custom slide. None of them accepted even when I said I will pay what ever you want in advance.
The only airsoft manufacturer that accepted to replicate me the Silverballer was the Marui back in 2012 and they charged me 3.000$
I tried to contact them again with my own project for just the bodykit but it seems that for some new law they have they won’t help anymore people outside Japan. So what I have left to do is to hire some translator or I don’t know some broker in Japan that could handle this things for me. The idea is to pay this person to contact Marui (since even the website in in Japanese) and with his help make it happen. Have the body kit send to him who will send it to me and so on.

But biggest concern is to find a professional who could make the engravings right. Because what happen, I spend 2.000€ for a body kit that will be ruined? I don’t think so.
I will continue my “experiments” on cheap products till I manage to make them perfect.


Just made a nice discovery. Apparently that thin bar on top of the slide does exist out there in the real world.
The only weapon to use is called 1911 LLama. I found this out by mistake on a facebook post. Now I have a idea how it could look like with the bar cut in the middle.
Gotta say that this is one big mystery solving for me.


Seems like the .45 version has holes cut in the rail compared to the .38 version. Pity about that.