Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1


My search continues for someone that can replicate this part. The fastest way and easiest is to do it on a real gun. Contact directly COLT and have it done.
But as a collector I really would love them to have them softair. So I will remain on the idea that with some help from some one that speaks Japanese I can contact once again Marui and have it build as I want it.
I will continue the experiments on the these 2 models I have now. Mostly because I really need to find some one very capable in making those markings. It will be a nightmare to have ruined the slide with wrong positioned engravings.
I will start to save some money just for this. So far I have the right projects at least.

I plan to have made the slide just like this. The bar and the rear sight will be attached by me and produced by some one else. I have the perfect idea how the rear sight should hold. If you look at this picture you can see that the rear sight is just attached to the bar


Well, bad news. They could not do the bar at the gun shop. They told me they burned it some how trying to make the color identical to the slide. I believe it was an excuse.
Any way, I got a refund, my money back and that’s good for now.

After all the ideas and the attempts I ended up with just these

I did learned a lot and I’m convince with the next attempt I will reach perfection.
The WE1911 was ruined in the process. I will keep it of course for an engraving test. Same goes for the other one.

For now this is what it would look like in real life. The closest to perfection Silverballer Replica
(missing extended slide release, rail bar on top with rear and front sight & engravings).


It will be a bit more close to perfection if it was a functional AMT Hardballer, like in shooting .45 Harball bullets :grin:. Still, I think it looks just fine for being of the first attempts and so far this one is the most identical to the original Silverballer that I have seen on the Internet.


Awesome Badeguard, these look the best yet, especially the 3rd and 4th picture! Have you been airsofting with them? With your new suits coming in you could cosplay as 47 and have a ‘blast’ :wink:


I have to agree, the best replicas I seen so far on the internet. (And they aren’t even done yet! Lol)

Like you said; trial and error, but I’m sure you will nail it soon enough, it’s a learning process, don’t give up. They are looking great! Love those grips and medallion man :heart_eyes:


Thank you guys @pushdagger @scm97tl I really loved reading your compliments.

Well, attempting perfection I spend a lot of money on things I didn’t need sacrificing one pistol. But its ok, I have something to work on first before attempting another one.
I started to contact today some 3D metal printing agencies with the project of that thin rail. Tomorrow I’m going to a gun shop near the area where I work who told me they can do a nice job on the body kit of the gun. I intend to see now if it is possible removing markings maintaining a nice metal finish. If this works I’m back on track with my aim to perfection.

The WE 1911 has a very wonderful color but impossible to work on it. Its all made of aluminium and can be easily broken.
The CYBERGUN 1911 on the other side feels more heavy and I can do something about removing the rear and front sight. My favorite choice so far

@AGENT4T7 only good perfect thing I did manage to do are the grips.


Good luck to you man! I still think they look great, got a really nice finish on the replicas, bar the lack of engravings! Have you tried to shoot them yet? I’ll assume the CO2 gun has a stronger frame due to the increased fps :slight_smile:


Have you considered the chance of ever buying an authentic Harballer and making it the real Silverballer?


Yes. And it would actually be more easier. But like I said many times before. I like replicas. In Italy having a firearm requires a lot of paper work.
Airsoft replicas not. Plus, I can’t go cosplaying with a real gun :joy:

The C02 is indeed more powerful and reliable at the same time. That’s why I insist on making it on that type of model.


Wow, had some doubt anything would come out of this topic, but…

Holy crap. Those are definitely the classic Hitman Blood Money silverballers! Incredible work!


Awesome Work, @badeaguard, looks really fantastic!


Thank you. The problem with them is that they are not functional. I had to cut a hole where the trigger is to fit the new trigger. And when you pull it will sink inside. Extended thumb safety is up because it won’t go down due to incompatibly.
I got some replies from the agencies I contact for the bar. It can be done they say but I need to provide them with a 3D project for 3D printers. If this turns out well I’m going to make with their help the extended thumb safety, extended slide release and trigger since there is nothing on the market compatible with the guns I have.
But this will require another year or so, maybe less. I will see


Today I started to go more serious with the Silverballer. I took the CO2 CYBERGUN to a new gunshop who says he can polish the gun making it look as I want, removing the marks keeping a nice finish.
If the final result is like how I want it I’m going to buy a new one and make the same job again.
After this I’m going to search for a new engraver who can make a proper logo this time.

I also spoke today with a 3D designer or an engineering near the area where I live. I will meet with him one of these days to give him the extended thumb safety and see what he can do.
After this I will send the file and see the outcome of it. If this works, if this designer can manage to pull out a wonderful job I’m going to make with his help the remaining parts that cannot be found on the market (extended slide release, trigger and that f*** bar with sights).

I have a feeling this time is the good one.


I got the CO2 gun back from the gun shop. Must say it did a good work in renovating the slide. Its all shinny but not exactly what I wanted.

Next step will be to buy another CO2 1911 and just have the sides re made. Keeping the rest the dark grey color it has. I believe it makes it look more real. Like for example this Hardballer

I got contact with a woman that is specialize in Autocad renders and works with some 3D printing agencies. I showed her the photos of the thumb safety and she assured me its going to be a piece of cake. I will meet with her in September and give it a shot. If this project works and the printing of it results in success, I’m there with the rest of the pieces, which are the remaining slide release, trigger and those nice sights. Also a magazine base.
I found a professional engraving shop that does work on metal, plastic and silver. Their work are truly amazing. I’m hoping they have a way into making those marks black. I will call them tomorrow for information on pricing.
This time its going to be so perfect. I’m almost there.


colt test


Just ordered another CYBERGUN Colt series 70. By mid September I should have it engraved with the sides brushed to look like a Hardballer.
This one shall be the Silverballer replica MARK 2.


Have you figured out how to make the rail? If you can’t get it right and you are not happy, maybe make a silver ICA-19? Because i think ICA-19 is just a standard Colt M1911, or make the blackballer, i don’t remember if that gun have a rail on the slide.


Oh yes yes I have. I found this girl in my area who is a 3D designer for 3D printers and showed her pictures of the thumb safety. The inside is quite complex. She assured me its a piece of cake so I’m going to hire her next month for the project, then I will email the project to a company that prints in metal and then we will see.

Thumb Safety 00

This time I’m going to have that Silverballer PERFECT. The very first identical ever made.
Then another wonderful news is that I found a company that engraves on any type of metals and plastics. Also they can re brush the sides of this airsoft gun to remove the existing markings and make me the Hitman’s one.
I emailed them the photos and received the same response. No problem in doing it.

I hope by mid September to have the slides brushed and engravings done. By maybe end January of early February I should have done all the other pieces. Maybe even early, it all depends on the cost of making them.


That photo of the slide is perfect :smiley: people with 3D PC software, (Auto) CAD software etc would not have any problem making it into 3D :smiley:.


True, but I need some one that has the gun in hand so he/she can take the right sizes of things.
I have to make this pieces:

Extended Thumb Safety

Extended Slide release

Skeleton Trigger

Magazine Base

Thin rail with front Sight

Back Sight

Since you can’t find any of this to fit this particular gun I had this idea:
I’ll make my own parts with black jack and hookers! And I believe that is what is going to make my replica not only identical, but so unique. It seems no one went this far to trouble in making it look so identical


Pistol its on its way. I also ordered today this!

Same as the one on 47’s Silverballer