Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1


The sight arrived minutes ago and I already break it.
But its ok. I needed this sight to use it as right size for when replicating the Silverballers one. It won’t fit on any Colt with out cutting the hole where you put the sight bigger.

Today I also wrote for an appointment to start making this project.

difference thumb


Shhh… I won’t treat you like the others

Got the front sight removed. This time it came with a silencer adapter. I’m making now contacts to replicate the exact same silencer used on the Blackballer. I find it to be really beautiful.
In the meantime I also ended up with a lot of spare parts. I’m taking some to the gunshop to polish them into Silver because some are black from another gun and some are painted in grey. But under they are all silver.


the amount of detail and effort you put into those replicas is fucking amazing Alex! keep up the good work, its just awesome!


I contacted my 3D artist to make me the silencer. Maybe I already found a company to replicate it. They told me it will be a bit costy now I wonder how much will they charge.
I have high hopes for the small parts to be very identical to the ones in Absolution. I have to meet one of these days with the girl that makes 3D projects for 3D printers.
My plan is to make first the thumb safety and slide release, then if things goes well as I’m hoping, making the trigger and the magazine base.
Last, the rail with the sights. And then it will be complete.

If all this works I will make the second Silverballer identical to this one so now I have 2 like 47 then proceed with the briefcase. The final version will be what the Silverballer would look like in real life, resembling an identical Hardballer.
This Silverballer will be a mix of all the games combine in 1. It will have a piece of each game starting from Codename 47.


I’m meeting Monday with the 3D artist. I’m very glad I’m getting this done soon. If she manages to complete the files in a couple of days I’m taking the gun straight to engrave it after. Hoping they can really make me a good metal finish.
The sir at the gun shop can not polish some pieces I need this month because haunting season started and he has plenty of work. Its not something urgent.



So, all in all how much did it cost you ?


This is a 3D image. I’m not even at half of it. :smiley: I will specify all the cost when it will be done.
This image serves to show a window on the future of my replica. Which I hope I can get it 98% identical


Good luck with that :+1:


@badeaguard Looks like it’s coming together, though. ^^; I might ask my friend to help me get a pair of 3D printed silverballers, since cons pretty much frown on anything that even goes ‘pew pew’ these days (it’s actually really annoying, but the less moving parts, the better, I guess). I was going to mod some really cheap airsofts, but it looks like most venues are actually banning those outright now. -_-


The pistol is cheap. This 1911 CO2 I’m working on costs 136€. There is another one that costs 900 € and it looks really beautiful “Inokatsu series 70”.
But where the bigger expense stands is recreating those small parts that make the whole gun. Example, for the medallions on the grip I paid 400€.
Then there is the risk while removing the existing markings that you ruin the metal finish Thing I already did with the previous gun. Then you should be very careful about the size of the engravings. I haven’t seen so far one done right. Most people engraves the logo and the writings on the slide too big, while they should be quite slim like on a real Hardballer.

Then again, I want a functional one to shoot at cans or play airsoft with friends. You can find plenty of companies on the internet that does a replica of a Colt but its unpractical.


I’ve been gone too long. Looks great @badeaguard i kinda want to make one but a real one for an everyday carry. haven’t decided yet


Not to derail but…
Welcome back @Doug_Propst!

Re-railing: I’m loving the step by step updates @badeaguard!


How many of you notice that the writings on the Baller are in different sizes?
Apparently there is a small difference and it is a bit hard to notice.
Tuesday, which also happens to be 5 September (47 birthday) I have an appointment to remove the markings on my c02 pistol and make the Silverballers ones. I have very high hopes that this will be done with perfection.
Here are some engravings this company does

They do all this work by hand. A very professional job as you can see. Their studio looks something like Diana’s mansion. I will make a photo and post it here.
I’m very concerned about the price now. But like I always say to myself “You can’t add a price on passion” This is something I wanted since I was 14. It must be identical and more than well made.

I met with the 3D designer Monday. She was a very wonderful woman. She told me that my request is very unusual but nothing she can’t do.
Her price was 30€ an hour. I prepared home an envelop with her name on it and inside 50€. I gave it to her as an advance and told her that the extra is because I want those pieces to be made perfect and that I want her to take it serious (in reality I was thinking to motivate her in really taking this serious with an extra).
The project will be done in a month. Because she has a lot of work to do with her stuff and told me that this will something she’s going to do on weekends. No problem for me. Instead to produce them (thumb safety and slide stop) will have to wait a while because I already know the price will be high (estimated at least 300€) and I need to keep some money away for the moment.


It’s so impressive how much effort you put into all these small details! True fans! I get jealous when I look at these pictures… :smile:


You have no idea how lucky I am to see them now. In 2012 I contacted Marui to make me a Silverballer replica based on photos and they asked me 3.000$. I wanted to make it but the cost was to high.
Good thing I said no because only years later I’m noticing all these small details.
Its way better to make it like this, piece by piece. And I just notice now, a couple of hours ago the difference in the writings.


What exactly do you mean?


You see, where you read CUSTOM SLIDE and AUTOMATIC you see them as same size, equal and even on the same level. But if you look closely CUSTOM SLIDE is smaller than AUTOMATIC and are positioned at a different level. But just by a very small bit.


You’re right… and you’ve got good eyes. I had to look twice to see it, a very small detail. Maybe it’s a mistake?


Doubt. All their wallpapers since Contracts are the same. Same position. This is how it should be. A real Hardballer is the same almost.