Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1


MARUI 1911


The gun model looks very nice. What model is it? Did you brush away the markings?
What I like about Marui is that they make a lot of accessories for it, unlike other manufactures.
And how did manage to make the logo on grips?


Decisions needs to be made by tomorrow.
While I decided the position of the markings from the left side will be the same like in Contracts, I found myself to deal with another problem. The markings on the other side.

I like a lot how it looks on Absolution, especially the position where you read “STAINLESS - MADE IN U.S.A.” but down at “EL MONTE, CA.” is something off with the size.
I’m afraid its going to be too small and if I decide to go with the original look its going to seems too big like in the last attempt. I will leave this decision to the professionals tomorrow.
Then there is the problem with the logo on the right side. While in the other games the logo had the “flame” in the middle, for some reason in Absolution they decided to let it out.
In game the markings are different, bigger and strange positioned. But its the wallpapers I’m looking at because they were meant to look like in real life.

grandezza scritte destra

On a real Hardballer the positions are like this:


I would go for this:


Because it’s just like the real Hardballer:


And i would keep the flame, it could be left out by an error from IO-I.


Looks like the reason the flame is left out on the absolution version is because it’s properly engraved and not just etched on.


I went this morning to the engravings shop place. It was a 200 km and something drive but man was it worth it.

The place was a mansion. Founded in 1955 and this photo was right at the entrance, so imagine the importance of it.

The mister that decided to take in hand my project was very interested in my request and treated me like any other of their clients. I apologize for my request considering I went there with a toy, but this sir assured me that what I have is a very wonderful passion and deserves their full attention.
He told me they will do everything by hand, including the logo and guarantee me that the final result will be identical as the one in the photos I gave him.

I decided to go on the right side Absolution style, keeping how ever the logo with the flame. And its not a design error @ingrobny if you re look at the other Absolution wallpapers above you can see that’s the way they wanted to go.

I asked for the price and the reply of the gentleman was "I need to talk with another partner about how to do the brushing on the sides. I don’t want to say a price now and then at the end give you another quote"
My reply was "Look, I work in luxury Hotel and you can’t imagine how many clients come to us asking for discounts. I came here knowing about the professionality of your work and that’s all I require. So if you name me a price now and at the end its higher, it will be something I’m going to pay with the greatest pleasure. I have a huge passion in recreating this replica identical and I can’t put a price on that"

I didn’t impress him how ever with my words. And with a yes and no the final price will be something a little higher than 200/300 €.
I’m not sure when it will be done. Maybe at the end of the month or maybe early October. All I can say is that I can’t wait to see the final result.


They just called me from the engraving villa.
It will be done in 2 months. They asked me if I was in a hurry and explained to me what techniques they are going to use and how they are going to do the engravings.
Everything from brushing to recreating the finish from engravings will be done all by hand. Final price will be 300€ and they guarantee me its going to look exactly like in the photos.
Good thing they called me because they could’t notice after EL MONTE there is a “,” and thought it was a dot.

Guess I won’t publish nothing till the slide is ready or when I will have done the slide stop and thumb safety. Its going to be one big wait. But also at the same time a good thing. I’m tight on money again.
See you guys :see_no_evil:


Isn’t it EL MONTE. CA. ?


Nope, its a “,” I got confirmation from one developer in private message.
Can you re confirm please @IO_Jonathan Absolution Silverballer markings are “EL MONTE,”


I can’t see the " (not the right ", because i have no idea where they are on my laptop keyboard :joy::flushed:)



It is EL MONTE, CA. not “EL MONTE, CA.” did you mean , and not " ?


The " was to highlight


Hahaha, aha, i was a bit confused, so it is a , and not a . or ".

Here is a picture of a real AMT Hardballer turned into Silverballer, with , and not .


Its not turned into anything. Its just engraved and the size of the writings are even wrong. Small details but you can’t put a sticker on a banana and call it an apple.
I looked a lot on this pictures before deciding how to engrave mine. So I can see the errors and how it looks.
Now I just need to wait for the professionals to finish mine and hope they will deliver it identical.
There is literally no one out there that putted this much effort and passion in to making it identical. And let’s not speak about the money. With what I had spend so far I could had bought a real gun even more than one.


You think? Maybe its a design reason. But for sure not an error. I checked and re checked again. All the wallpapers are the same with out the flame.
In game it has it, but I believe this is for some graphical reasons because in game the markings are positioned totally different and are quite big in comparison with the wallpapers.


This one does sorta yeah.


Here is marui colt government
And body is aluminium guarder without market


WHAT??? And that is the original finish? You didn’t do anything?


The 3D artist I contacted made me the thumb safety. Excellent work but it requires some adjustments. The extended part is a little too wide while it should be slimmers. The position of the extended part is put in a straight line while it should be descending by just a small bit and then there is just a little particular to the right part that has to be modify to look like in the wallpapers.
After she will be done with this modifications, she will proceed with the slide release.



I have a feeling you’re going to drive her absolutely crazy with your amazing attention to the smallest details :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Hope she can handle it and you’re able to get what you’re after. :+1: