Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1


Thank you :smiley: I need to make this right on the first try. I already know to make these 2 little bastards will cost a lot.


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Why? The whole thing will cost a little more than 1.000€


I don’t know if you noticed this:

Uten navn

It should be rounded not a right line there.


It actually should be that way. On a real Hardballer it has the same curve


Another mistake I just notice is a missing space that is needed in order to fit with the plunger tube.

Once everything is finish I will make another illustration with some normal checks if each piece fits perfectly. The only problem is the extended part. The base is re created to be the exact same size of the airsoft original piece.


You are right, i found a AMT Hardballer close up picture of the thumb safety lock:


Oh you mean that part where the Silverballer is curved and in my project is not?
I asked to let it that way because making another shape won’t fit and work properly with my replica. It’s a thing I can live with as long as it makes it functional.

difference thumb


Yes, it’s curved on the Silverballer, but not on the original Hardballer, so your way is like the original :smiley:.


Well my 3D artist didn’t waste time today and fixed all my issues. Everything seems to be in place. How ever I need to see the other piece how it looks mounted on the frame in order to decide if the extension have the right size.

Thumb Safety 00


So far to make it perfect I have spend on the last pistol:
146€ CO2 Colt + shipping
45$ grips
400€ 4 custom logo medallions for grips
300€ slide brushing and hand made markings
78€ LPA rear sight + shipping
50€ and counting for 3D printing project for the extended slide release and thumb safety

Total: 974€ so far. I still have to print the thumb safety and slide release, make another 3D model for trigger, magazine base and bar on top of the slide and then actually print them. Polish the barrel to make it shinny and 4 screws.
I might be looking ahead at another 800€ + but man I’m going to fulfill my dream in having it identical to the game and be the very first who achieved perfection.
Almost forgot the silencer and then again hand made markings from the same company that are making the engravings.

Its a passion and a desire I have since I was 13 years old. You can’t put a price on that.



I just had the wildest idea :star_struck:

Why stop in doing the Silverballer identical, why not replicating the whole wallpaper. Since 2011 I have the Absolution wallpaper with the snake and Silverballer on my PC desktop, phone, PC avatar, facebook cover and I’m even considering to tattoo it on me (maybe).

So I searched for the type of snake on google and found out its a Prairie Rattlesnake!
Now, what are my intention: buy a custom positioned taxidermy Prairie Rattlesnake, made in the same position as the wallpaper under this comment, put the Silverballer in there once its complete and keep it in a glass with a wooden bottom with the writings Silverballer.
Contacting now shops with my request for a quote.

And put it in something like this


That would be badass beyond f****** words!!!
DO IT!!! :dizzy_face:


“In case of contract, break glass”


Thumb safety and slide release are almost done (3D project only).

And now its time to move to the next part. The trigger.

The trigger changes a little from the game play to the wallpapers. Now keep in mind I’m looking most at the Absolution wallpapers because they are more graphically advance.
Only difference is that in the game, the trigger has the same position and length of a Hardballer, while in the wallpapers the trigger is more inside the gun than outside and it looks fine.
Wallpaper version fits perfect with my replica model. You can’t really make it longer and expect to be practical.

I had a huge problem with the WE version and the Mafioso Hardballer trigger. I needed to cut a hole in the gun where the trigger was placed so it could fit the Harballer one, but even then when pressing it would sink inside and won’t come out.
But remodeling the exact same trigger with just a little different shape in the middle, I can have a practical gun. The inside is not complicated, but it does have some parts that needs to be the same size and same shape in order to make the gun shoot.

Here is what I want to make and the difference between my arisoft model and a real Hardballer.

In game


I’m having some big time problem making up my mind how thick should the extension on the slide release be.
Final idea is to make both extension on the slide release and thumb safety equal. And that’s that.
But the problem stands if it looks good or not because in the game they are made in a certain way to fit that guns proportion, while the CO2 replica has a proportion on its own who seems to be a bit different from the game.
I asked my 3D designer to try and make something in between.

Final tough is to go with the production in this final form, then if it doesn’t look right make a last modification according to the first print and then re print them again this time right.

Real Hardballer


Project is done!

I will print them next month (December). There might be a possibility that the extensions are too “slim”. If that will be the case then I just have to remodel that part only and then it will be perfect at the second print.
I really hope this will not be the case.

BUT WAIT! Nothing escapes from my eyes. One last modification is needed at the end of both extensions

forma finale


The thumb release and slide stop are officially done.
Final cost of just the 3d project is € 350… My balls dropped when she told me. But its my fault the cost is this much.
I had her do so many modification to the position of the extensions and realize some where at the end that it was correct since the beginning. Then I wanted the extension bigger, then slimmer, then something in between and so on the working hours accumulated.
I’m meeting to pay Friday proposing already the new project of the trigger and magazine base. This 2 shall be very easy to make and hopefully less hours.

And this my friends is the reason I’m always so tight on money. But it will be worth it at the end


Does she print them for you as well? If she does will it be plastic or metal? If it’s plastic will you have to paint them or chrome them?


That’s cool.

Take your time, no need to rush and getting broke on this, things like this is expensive, but in the end you will have the most accurate Silverballer replica there is, without using a real Hardballer :grinning:.


Nope, she does not. She is a freelancer if I understood correct. But she works with a big company that produces forniture for homes, making design projects. Part time if there are any demands like mine she would take a job here and there.

I already found the company that will print them and it will be done all in metal and then painted by hand, by them in a dark grey color. Just like the lower side of the gun (frame).
I will print them if not next month, the other month to follow (January). When I get my paycheck because I still have to pay for the engravings hoping they truly will be identical as promised.