Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1


I’ll say it right now: I think it looks pretty as it is! If you’ve got the cash and live in the right state, you might get a threaded barrel and suppressor? That would probably cost more than the gun itself, though XD


Yeah I could get a suppressor. Just have to pay the $200 tax stamp :joy:


How does it look on the other side?

You will need to change the trigger first. The grips, rear sight, front sight, add a magazine base, grip front strap and last but not least some extended thumb safety and slide release.

Engravings also of course.

1911 grip front strap


The Blackballer looks so classy :heart_eyes:
I’d have it with some sort of unique slow-mo perk by pressing the fire button slightly(like the sniper perk) and bam,new cool pistol.


Man I really want this thing.

@Travis_IOI pretty please?


Small update:

I got back from the gun shop some parts that needed to be polished. The barrel, which was painted over with some dark grey. I had removed the paint and now its total silver.

4 screws from the grips has been polished. Now they are silver instead of black. How ever I decided to keep the bottom screws black as it is on the Absolution Silverballer.

Then there was the need to cut a part so it could be compatible with the slide.

Next week, or the week after I shall have ready the engravings on the slide and frame.

That bar you see under the barrel is for making the pistol look like this photo under here when shooting.
I want to keep it as true as possible to the Silverballer of course.


The bar under the barrel is a guide rod for the recoil spring, yes?


Yes it is. I swamp it from the attempted Blackballer.


Tomorrow morning I’m going to villa for the engravings. They called me today and I was super happy that it was ready.
But it turned out they just started today. Since I was very preoccupied that I didn’t explain myself good, I propose to go there tomorrow and watch them work on the replica giving better indications. They accepted of course, my biggest fear is that they are going to screw the metal finish and I really can’t have that.

Why do I fear this? A sir called me saying there is a problem because the gun is already engraved…


I’m back from the engraving villa and thanks god I went there!

They had the markings printed on a transparent paper and attached to the gun as a preview of how its going to be and well… The marking were way to big compared to the original I had in mind.
First thing I did was to re explain everything and show them again the wallpapers explaining every single detail. They modified the size and it seems that it should be ok this time. Or at least I trust them to deliver so.

Then there is a problem with the frame. There are some markings printed in white, quite a long writing that I wanted to be removed. But nothing to do there. Since I had 2 of those guns, one was there for testing.
They did a quick sanding or some sort of paint removal and added some of their own with the final result of a white color and not dark grey. So my final decision unfortunately is to keep them avoiding to do some serious damage.

The slide how ever is a success. The markings where for the most removed keeping the original metal finish. There is still how ever a minimal trace that they were there.

My final conclusion about replicating the Silverballer is that its crap to do it on a softair weapon because its made out of crappy metal. One day I shall attempt a full custom 3D iron replica. But for now I shall finish this one and see how it goes.

Part of me is hoping that I can get the producer of this softair gun to notice me and maybe they can make an exception and hand me a non marked pistol. I contacted them asking for one that I would gladly even pay more. But as my luck goes they told it can not be done.

Final news of the day. I found some one to 3D print the silencer identical to the Blackballer one. It will be done in plastic. After watching some products made by this manufacturer they truly look amazing.
Besides that, its going to cost me only 40$ or a little more. The cheapest thing of this replica so far.

By next month I’m going to show a part of the engravings with out spoiling too much and the silencer.


You could paint the whole frame, but use a professional car paint shop or something, i would at least call a bit around and see if it possible and to what price, before you can’t go back after they are done with it.

The paint looks like powder coat paint, it’s very durable and though :grinning:, or maybe it isn’t paint at all, just the metal? :joy:.


I contacted first the company that produces this gun asking for a paint code. They told me that they produce a “special” paint and there is no where to be found. So then I asked if I can buy a small sample from them and now I’m waiting an answer.

I already had the idea to go around and ask paint shops if they ever seen something like this and see if I can arrange something just to cover that part only with the white markings.

After I’m done engraving it, the lasts things remaining are the production of the slide stop, thumb safety, trigger, magazine base and the rail with sights.
The easiest to make are the trigger and magazine base, then for the top rail with the sights I have to come up with something to attach it on the slides. This rail should give the final identical look of the Silverballer.

I am still afraid that the engravings won’t mach the original size. Guess I have to wait just 2 more weeks to find out.


Dear friends,

I have to put again a stop on the Silverballer, but maybe for not so long. I made a huge decision last night and found the perfect occasion to give my replica even a more realistick look.

At the engraving villa I was told that the material of the gun I’m currently working on is kinda bad. They did manage to make wonders removing the engravings and now all I have left to see is how the engravings look.
Moments ago I decided to buy a INOKATSU Colt Series 70’s. An airsoft pistol made entirely out of Inox Steel.

It will be a piece of cake to sand down its existing writings and make the new ones.
My only huge concern is that it comes from Hong Kong. I do trust them, but I fear its going to be hold at the border for the gun’s power law we have in Europe. It seems the pistol its quite powerful.
I manage to arrange with the shopper that the best way to make it pass the border is to send it in 2 pieces.
Now we wait and attend for the best.

In the following week or 2 I’m ready to show how far I got with the Silverballer Mark 2.


Ironically, this is the exact advice given in an educational book for assassins. It goes further by saying you should have them shipped as “machine parts” to an address other than your house. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m paying $ 71,00 just for the shipment. And $ 600,00 the gun.
It will be a real shame if they put a hold on it for law problems…
And I’m making the delivery directly to my work at the hotel :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Looks like you just made yourself your own ICA drop off point!
It’s everything but the hit. lol


@badeaguard what’s your take on stuff by Tokyo Marui?

I was in a shop in Okinawa once that had so many of these Tokyo Marui “weapons” that I was reminded of the Gun Store in Hitman Absolution (complete with cowboy hats). Also seemed low cost, but the detail looked astounding - from an artistic viewpoint.

I particularly love their continuing association with Resident Evil:

But I thought better of picking it up. I mean, what better way to end up in trouble on my flight back eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


They do one of the best replica out there. Especially their shotgun line and Assault Rifles.
Best thing about their pistols is that they produce lots of modify parts (accessories). And then there are producers like NOVA who makes some nice kits compatible only with Marui.

Why don’t you buy some products online? They are all the same worldwide if I recall.


I have no way to protect small children from it in and around my complex.

But i do plan to collect the Samurai Edges at some point. Resident Evil is as much about its in-game gun culture as it is about horror and survival. Tokyo Marui really latched on to something with their RE line of guns - they are all works of art.

Check out their version of Leon’s Sentinel 9:

Note though that the actual gun Leon holds in RE6 is the VP70 (called “Wingshooter” in-game) so not sure what’s with the branding.


Ah, I was thinking about Tokyo Marui as well. As far as video game guns are concerned, I think the Samurai Edge from Resident Evil VII looks pretty swell.