Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1


Today was a wonderful day. I want to write this down while my emotions are still fresh.
I got the gun back from the engraving hours ago and I wanted to cry out of joy.

It’s pure perfection. The quality of the engravings are art. The finish is what I wanted. Only problem so far that it’s just slightly small compared with those from the wallpapers.
But this was just a testing…

I thanked don’t know how many times the mister in charge of my project and congratulated them on their professionality and talent. He delivered everything as promised and can’t wait to complete my replica.

I will show just a small bit of the engravings because I want to reveal everything next week when I’m going to have the silencer.


Wow, this is as good as it can be done i think, it’s awesome, looking forward to see this gun done :+1: :smiley:.


Wow! That is absolute perfection man! They did an excellent job. Can’t wait to see how it all looks with the silencer attached. It’s coming along great @badeaguard :smiley:


The markings are there, words can’t descrive how perfect and beautiful they look. But its size that matters.
I wanted them slim, well its a bit too slim. They need to be bigger and now I know.

Next week I will post all the mistakes made about the size. Next one is going to be original

@ingrobny this one will never be done. Just another experiment :yum: But by these small mistakes the next and final one will be perfect.
Just this morning I ordered the INOKATSU steel Colt. At the villa they told me that erasing the marking will be a piece of cake.


I thought size doesn’t matter :worried:

Those engravings look real nice,this is getting interesting…


That is just something men with small guns says.


@HiddenValleyLover Eh… I kinda need that info urgent. If no one from IOI reply I will go for what you suggested. It looks cool.

@AGENT_58 it is. Its all coming up together better than I expected. But again I’m set back due to founds issues. Last things left out are the parts made with 3D printers.


I hope @Travis_IOI comes through once more,but if anything I’m glad I helped you out,if even by a little bit!


Just added the front sight. Unfortunately there will be no top rail on this replica (Mark 2). But I guarantee you its going to look a lot like the Baller from H2.
Monday I have to take the rear sight to the gun shop to make some adjustments so it can fit on my replica.


Quality like that is the mark of true craftsmanship.
I bet you paid a pretty penny for it.


The Engravers told badeguard “I’m going to need about tree fiddy” But it was then badeguard saw that the Engraver was about 8 stories tall and was a crustacean from the protozoic era! And badeguard the replied “God Dammit Loch Ness Monster, I ain’t gonna give you no tree fiddy.


Quite a lot, but I guess not enough, € 350,00.

Before they gave me the gun I was sited in a waiting room and they had pictures on the wall with their owner giving engraved medals to the pope, a thank you letter signed by George Bush for a medal it was engraved by them to remember 11 September and other things such as a custom engraved shotgun made for Reagan and a custom engravings made on a watch for Sylvester Stallone.
I manage to take these pictures quick because I don’t know how much it was permitted to make photos in there.

@Mads47 what movie is this from? :joy: I think there were more than 1 people working on it in different days. The man I spoke was some sort of director or spokesman I guess.


@badeaguard it’s from South Park and it’s a classic :slight_smile:

Anyways the Sliverballer looks damn fine! you really put your head into that gun and made something truly special :smiley:


Oh wait. This is just another testing. I will make a topic about it.
This week or next one I’m receiving the other gun that is really identical to the Silverballer, all made in INOX Steel.
I think I’m going to play with it for a couple of days and will contact already the 3D designer to start making some parts. Was thinking of the trigger and magazine base first, then there is a huge chance I need to modify the file for the thumb safety and slide release because these ones are new models.

And then next month will take the new gun directly to remove the existing markings, change the metal finish and add the correct size of the engravings this time.

But so far, this one is the best replica out there. Its a combination of the Hardballer from C47 to Absolution all combined in one pistol. It has a part of each game in it.


Strange world we live in. This beauty arrived and I’m shocked to find out that all pieces from my Blackballer, the R29 from ARMY are compatible with the INOKATSU Colt 70’s and even the magazines fit
Who owns who I wonder.

The gun is a real beauty, very heavy and the metal is indeed what I was looking for to make the Silverballer as real as possible to the wallpapers. I’m very disappointed that the sights are somehow glued in a strange way.
There are no screws inside the slide to take them off and first thing I did when I opened the box was to disassemble everything.

The projects I have in 3D for the slide release and thumb safety are worthless for this model. Some modification to the files are needed because the interior are different and apparently the pieces for this one are longer in length compared with the CYBERGUN Colt.

I’m not so sure what to do first. Guess I’ll take it straight to engrave it by next week and take off those sights.
Will keep for last the 3D printing projects.

I have very high hopes for this one


Since this slide is in steel, is it possible to drill holes and make threads for screws to the other rear sight?


Yes, it’s very possible and doubt you can ruin it. I woke up today with the idea to go to an Airsoft workshop first to remove the sights. I just need them removed to add after the rail with my sights. I’m sure they know better how they are build and the safest way to remove them.
Then will go to sand down the writings remaking the metal finish. I love it how it looks so far.
And last will proceed with the writings this time very very precise in size.

Will keep all the 3D printing for last. Will do in the meanwhile just the trigger


Hahaha, you better do that, unless you want to buy another one for new €800 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, but it should be okay this time, the engraving was perfect, so just get it in the right size and it will be finished and you will be a step closer to the perfect Silverballer :smiley:.


The final cost was 664,00 €. 524,00 € for the gun + shipping and a FUCKING 140,00 € tax to import it in Italy…

If I will find an occasion for the same gun at a discount under 400 € I’m buying a new one so I can have 2 just like 47.
You can’t find them that easy. This gun was made in 2012 in not so big quantities. There is a reason for the high price.

Any way, I just ordered this magazine that it looks very much with the mag from Contracts.
This gun came with out a mag.

Every piece in this gun should, in theory be compatible with KJ Works. I have some ideas in swamping some parts.

Just discovered its pretty much compatible with all MARUI accessories and NOVA as well. Still, making my own designs will result in a far more better replica.


Well, well, well…