Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1


Wow! That was cool and done in no time, i think you have to frame this gun when it’s done, a frame like this:

would suit the Silverballer perfectly :smiley:.


Your thoroughness is very admirable. All I did was buy a airsoft 1911 and put the grips and the silencer on it and called it a day.


I pretty much did the same only contacting people paying to have custom things.
Silencer is custom made with a 3D printer made all of aluminium.

@ingrobny I still consider this a prototype. It’s not perfect. I will keep it however when going out to shoot at cans with friends. The next one is going to be the final identical one.


Great job, I’ve always wanted to have a replica like this one day … But in Spain it’s hard to get so many pieces like that.

One question, how much do you estimate that you spent on that replica? With all the modifications.

Thanks :smiley:


With all the errors you might say. Little more than 3.000 € and I’m not exaggerating but this was spent on a period of 2 years. Still have to do lots of things.
The custom parts made with the 3D printer will cost a lot.

So far the only things that was worth the money are the engravings, medallions on the grip, custom made silencer and the last gun I acquired the INOKATSU Colt.
The rest was just testing and prototypes. This gun that is a prototype it self. It ain’t perfect.


hmm i’ve always wondered what will happen if i put my hand under that laser :thinking:


If you do your brazzers subscription won’t be useful,not anymore.


WOW It’s a lot of money, but perfection is not cheap… I plan to make it one but something more cheaper xD

Something like this:

Is a WE TECH 1911 CHROME with Grips Pachmayr and marks in the slide

Could you upload the design of the marks? Please ::frowning:

Thanks and nice work


There is pretty much no design for the marks. I went there with some wallpapers where they look at best and just told “Can you please replicate this as accurate as possible please”

My first attempt was on a WE 1911. You can’t do nothing with it. Material is some sort of aluminium that can easily be brake and besides WE parts, nothing is compatible with this gun if not some silencers.


Today is a very successful day for my replica.

Silencer arrived and a test made on plastic of the extended slide release and thumb safety. They fit and the size seems perfect.

I can’t wait to show the full gun in its beauty. Its the most beautiful replica out there.
But I need the last piece, the rear sight.


Looking great so far there, my friend. Indeed the most beautiful replica out there! Keep up the great work.


You think this is attention to detail?
Wait till @badeaguard goes around hunting for the perfect rattlesnake so he can replicate this:




Dude @badeaguard should totally be 47 in a fanmade Hitman movie,because this is Hollywood level of accuracy so far. If he gets the rattlesnake too he has to do it,it’s like his right at this point.


Loving this thread and your conviction to make these replicas perfect. Hats off to you pal.


@Soupienza I actually have the chance to do it on a real snake (taxidermy). I said I will contact some shops to ask the cost and everything but never got into it.
Only problem is that the snake will stink. I had a snake taxidermy head as a key chain some years ago and the smell wasn’t so pleasant.

But it shouldn’t be a problem to make one. I think it might be the easiest thing to get.


Protip: It doesn’t stink if the Snake is kept alive.


Just 3D print the snake… :wink:


That would cost really really a lot. And doubt I can find on the first try a very professional company to make it.
Let’s not forget that after the print it needs to be hand painted. So it is way more cheaper to do it on a real dead snake.


Please print out a poorly sized picture of the snake later, put the finished pistol on the paper and take a photo. Just for the joke.