Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1


Hey guys, I update the post with some pictures of the almost completed Blackballer. Go on top and take a look

Silencer included.


Does it say caliber 452? Cool pistol, have you made this simultaneously with the Silverballer?


Looks awesome dude! But is it resting on a ps4 Which is balancing on a table?

Can you take some more photos? up close so we can get a better look


I will make more on the Silverballer because I will do it in a place where is plenty of light.
I tried to do some quick photos trying to make it look as good as possible.

@ingrobny Yes it does. This is the first project where it started the idea to replicate the weapons.


I think I’m in love :heart_eyes: Great job!!! :open_hands::tada:


Hahaha, i don’t know what i was thinking when i asked about it, because you have this under control and cal .452 bullet heads do exists (i had to do a Google search though), but more important, the pistol Agent 47 is holding says caliber 452 :wink:.


Awesome work @badeaguard

Curious how come you got the extended slide release and thumb safety done in plastic when you could have had them CNC milled from real metal?

Was it just easier this way or?


I was testing if the size where right and how would it look to actually have them in hand.
In fact, the future 3D printings will be done first in plastic (paying cheap) just to see how it looks and if there is the need of any modification in size.
Only after I will then make them in Steel.

This first print boosts a lot my motivation. I now know it can be done. I will meet again with my 3D designer to make the trigger. Then at some point have to see the best option to attach that rail on top.

And besides that. I’m really happy that after only talking for half a year I’m finally having results now.


Payday is just around the corner. That means buying new stuff for my replica.
I started already to work on the Inokatsu Colt, I took it to an airsoft shop to remove the sights and next thing to do will be the 3D designs for the trigger and magazine base.

I found a Tokyo Marui magazine that works with the Inokatsu and its even more perfect because the base can be removed adding after my 3D printed one.
This is also my next purchase

And the design for the magazine base will have a final result as this:
Black from Hitman Contracts

Following next purchase, a Steel Silver Barrel Bushing from NOVA. I already have the Recoil Spring from NOVA and need now this one to match the color in the front of the gun at least.

Final purchase will be the a Nova Housing back strap.
It has the same shape of what is seems to be used in the Silverballer from Absolution.

After the 3D projects are done for the trigger and the mag base, I am going to take the gun at the engraving villa to start making the most important part.
Removing the markings
Restore the original metal finish
Making the Silverballer engravings

3D project will be printed in time in plastic first to see if the size matches. Only after the success of them I’m going to print them again but in Stainless Steel.


Hate to be that guy but…

I kinda beat you!

That’s right! I made the replica first! :wink:
I even went through the trouble and made a silencer!

All for the low, low price of 0$
For real, work is boring lately… like really boring :joy:

Can’t wait to see more sweet, sweet pictures of the gun!!! :open_hands:


Ah I can’t compete with that :tired_face:

Any way, I’m waiting for the rear sight to be ready so I can unveil the full gun. In the meanwhile I already bought some pieces for the final replica and I’m setting an appointment to make the 3D projects of the trigger and the slide release with the thumb safety.
Unfortunately the first made are not compatible with the last gun that I acquired.


I’m exciting to see if you got the rail and if you did, how did you do it? Don’t tell me it yet, i want to wait for the unveil. :smiley:


I didn’t do it. I abandoned everything for this gun to concentrate on the other one.
But! It will look a lot like the Baller from H2. Its going to be a combination of all the games combine in one gun.


Ah okay, so the most expensive gun isn’t ready yet? That’s the gun i’m looking forward to see :grinning:.


I got some pieces that are on their way. I took it to an airsoft shop to remove the sights.
They are glued there some how and need a professional hand to remove them.
I got an appointment tomorrow for the next projects I linked above. Might end up doing them sooner than expected.

The only thing that will take some time will be the engravings because of course at the Villa they have better things to do :yum: but not really. They are very busy and it takes time especially when its hand made.


Project of the trigger are in works. Still not identical and it might be tricky for an internal part to make it functional.

Uploaded in Italian because the 3D designer that is making them needs to understand.

Today I went to take back the rear sight from the weapons store because I left it there and in 3 weeks the sir there didn’t have time to do shit. I’m taking it in the next days to the airsoft workshop where I’m sure they will deliver in a shorter time.


Nothing :wink:
This is a 40W YAG marking laser


I started to contact private sculptors on facebook to replicate the snake!

I’m quite ambitious to use it as a stand and apparently it will be a much more beautiful touch than a real dead snake. The price is higher, I estimate something near 400 € depending on the artist but damn they look cool. While a real dead snake from the USA could be 100/140 € with shipping.
So far I’m contacting artist that creates superheroes and some that makes animals.

Apparently everything is made by hand, including the paint and they are pretty realistic.



Don’t get me wrong, the work shown above is really great and I’m sure they could replicate the snake very well.

However, (me personally) I would definitely go with an actual taxidermy snake. It would look a LOT nicer imo not to mention authentic


Quite true, but I want to try with a statue one. I’m very confident they can deliver a unique replica.

I already got a quote from a girl in the States. 250$ depending on size and materials but at the same time I have to wait 2 months if not more.
She guaranteed me that her work will be identical to a real snake. These 2 are made by her: