Making the 1911 Blackballer & Silverballer replica Mark 1


Oh wow! I really like that dog urn she made.

But yeah, like I said; I’m sure she could definitely make it identical, no doubt. :slightly_smiling_face:

Its just that I know you put a ton of work in this Silverballer and I was just trying to say, even the stand (the snake) should deserve just as much attention to authenticity as the gun itself.

That’s just my input though. It’s your project and you should most definitely do it how YOU see fit. Seeing how great of work she does, (judging by the pics above) it will look just as nice I’m sure.


And I just choose officially to make the snake by the girl I was talking above :smiley:
It will cost me less than 500$ and I’m pretty much guarantee its going to be very identical. I trust so, but won’t keep all my hopes that high. I’m expecting something more “cartoonish” than real.
Still, I will be happy that I’m the only one to have attempted such project.

Project will be done in Summer or September I think.


Nice, can’t wait on how it will look when all is done!
Do you send her a 3d model of the gun so it is perfectly sized?


She will do everything by the only photo I could provide. The snake wallpaper from Absolution.
Then I was asked what kind of snake that is so she can research more photos about how it looks from different angles.

I suggested to pay for a cheap replica of a colt, or just a shape of the gun. So she can have a pretty idea how much space is needed somewhere in there to hold the gun.


Fair enough man I’m sure it will look great either way.

Can’t you just send her the exact measurements of the SB? L x W x H hell, I would even give the weight of it so she can make it sturdy enough to hold the gun.


Trigger done!

I wanted it to be almost all inside like this wallpaper, but I guess it will do just like in the game.

What do you guys think? It’s pretty identical right?
I shall print it in plastic in the upcoming days.

But somehow I’m still not happy. I have other 2 options to try like this in order to achieve the true perfection:

At the end I found the final solution.

Not yet happy about the results and looking again and again, last option is to make the back of the inside of the trigger square.
After all I’m all for the looks outside the gun and not inside.

This is the last idea I got to deliver it as identical to the wallpaper as possible.


I have a couple of ex girlfriends and male friends as well who told me in many ocassions that I’m not normal.
Something tell’s me the 3D artist who is making me the trigger thinks the same thing about me too.

I changed my mind about the length of trigger quite a lot. And at some point at the end where I said it was perfect, I wanted another file making the trigger coming more forward while all this time I insisted the hole in the middle should be more inside.

She is getting paid hourly and every modification has its price of course. How ever I decided when we are going to meet to have back the files and such, I will bring her a bottle of wine as a present.
A way of saying thank you for supporting my indecision’s.

I have 3 option to choose about how it looks great. I tried to replicate the position from the wallpaper and another position from the game and then a mix of both combine.

OPTION 1 Wallpaper


OPTION 3 Wallpaper & InGame


Hm… i think i would go for option 2 in-game version:


Since it’s the same as the gun in-game and it’s almost the same as the original AMT Hardballer:



Problem is, only in the airsoft version down there that piece is different and it changes a lot the appearance at the bottom.


It’s over. It’s done…

I have the 3 version of the trigger. In the new topic I’m going to make “soon”, I will explain the design of my trigger comparing it with the ones in the game and the real trigger of a Hardballer.

Please note my trigger is a mix from a real Colt 1911-Silverballer-Hardballer.
While the Hardballer and the Silverballer has a more straight curve trigger, mine has a noticeable curve just like a 1911 Colt has (note difference in the front trigger).


This is much better, the whole arc is visible, this is the trigger design i would go for :smiley:.

True and in my opinion, the latest trigger design is the best, it’s as close as you can get to perfection.


Here are the differences.

  1. Mix of wallpaper from the game and InGame and personally my favorite so far.
  2. Photo in the middle is a replica from the Absolution Silverballer wallpaper
  3. Is a mix of InGame, real Hardballer and the trigger of a real Colt

Also the last picture (3) as the same length from the Baller in H2


I know… let’s make a list of all the guns @badeaguard should make replicas of!

Like the Krugermeier 2-2 (Gold plated Ruger Mark IV with integrated suppressor).



It just have to be this one, it’s the most accurate of those 3 :smiley:.



2 new items to buy.

I want to do a variation. While so far every Silverballer had this type of recoil guide, it seems that in the version of the trailer Hitman Absolution Attack of the Saints the recoil guide is “inside”.
I have how ever the pieces to make both version if wanted.


Latest purchase


Version 2 only appears in HITMAN ABSOLUTION… and that says enough about whether the guide rod can be considered canonical or not.



Absolution has the best Silverballer ever when it comes to details.


in my opinion the silverballer (Absolution) variant is the best from all series next is the blackballer that pistol is looks spectacular and i thing its add some fresh to hitman


…and Gunplay!



That airsoft is amazing I’m an airsofter and wish they sold them like this coz I am shore not only the hitman fans but others would buy them and pay a good fue quid for them I would, think I’ll have to try and make them your silverballer is fantastic as well if u ever want to sell them please give me 1st refusal lol good job