Maps in Hitman 3

Hello everyone
I play Hitman 3 on Epic games
and i have Hitman 2 on Steam

and in Hitman 3 i have just the base game, Deluxe and 7DS

so my question is
If im delete Hitman 2 from my pc

When i play Hitman 3 the maps of Hitman1/2 will be in Grey and cant play them am i right?

Not if you’ve transferred the maps and progress over.

I transfered all my Gears and suits and all i had in the IOI site

Right, just make sure that Hitman 2 and 1 are free as DLC, if they are download them to get the maps. Then Hitman 2 becomes obsolete.

If you’re having issues downloading any missions etc, this is the last you need to be really.


I saw add on in epic and remove H2 and its really working whole maps
Its sense that hitman 3 with all the 14 maps of H1 H2 just 65gb?
Hitman 2 was 150gb

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Yep, somehow they managed to slim everything down to 65gb in H3

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