Marrakesh prisoner no longer has his face covered

I don’t know of this was intentional or not but the prisoner in Marrakesh no longer has his face covered, making the disguise identical to any other soldier. That kind of ruins the point of the disguise and the mission story attached to it.


They did that for the VR mode, but I kinda wish this would not affect the regular mode.

By the same logic they would have to make the Sgail entertainer not blindfolded.


Why? What’s the reason or problem with the prisoner being masked in VR?

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Well, the issue is that 47 can wear it and VR players would be blind. :wink:

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But 47 can also wear musician disguise on Sgail with that eye patch (or how that’s called right) and while he wearing it, everything is just slightly darkened, just like in instinct mode.
So they could apply that technique to the prisoners disguise


That is what I said here:

I don’t know how sgail entertainers play like in VR, maybe we get some insight there. Instinct is a thing in VR right?

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Yeah, yeah I saw that you wrote.
Kind of controversial situation


I’d put this in the bug report thread too just in case. Even if it is intentional its best to let them know that you consider things as bugs I think. It may be hopeless but just on the off chance that IOI plan on making some fixes/changes at some point.


Look he had low self-esteem but now he’s happy to show his face to everyone including his captor.

I’m proud of you prisoner guy.