Marvel and similar movies


I’m looking at it but this list ignores my main point, BUDGET matters, and these superhero movies take up a lot of the money that studios have allocated to spend on film production


It’s your fault you came here. You should be forced to watch every single one of them


I came here to make the observation nothing more.


you ended up dropping a comment, is that something more?


No I just wanted to say it. You know how antsy I can get if I leave something minor like this unsaid.


Ok here’s something to cheer you up.

See? There’s a lot of effort that went into this historical epic.

Or how about DUNKIRK? That was a big film made against the grain of the superhero film era… And that one was big expensive Warner Bros. release.


Is Batman: Ninja a superhero movie or a very typical anime?


Okay so a few points:

a) This is one example. My point is that SH movies diminish the amount of quality, high budget movies produced. “Amount” being the keyword, thus one example is not enough.

b) I haven’t seen this movie. So I cannot comment on the quality of it. Looks like garbage to me though. My preliminary opinion means nothing.

c) I feel like you’re missing my point, or I don’t understand where you’re coming from in trying to defend the studios right now.


Well the truth is you’re right to a large extent. All I’m saying is “Superheroes” in film is like “Battle royale” in gaming today.

Sure you can jump into any office and say: “That’s a sure thing!” But to say that people are going to sit on their hands just to get on this trend (ie: hoard funding while praying for superhero deal to come) is not reality.

The funds MUST flow! :slight_smile:

By that token a Lionsgate doesn’t pull funding or try to cancel the rest of its slate just to put all their money on HELLBOY. There is only “spending what you think a film is worth”.

It is true again that in many cases today a superhero film may demand a large budget. But you never do that at the expense of other films you also wanted to make.


Why can’t it be both?


I like the idea of taking away the easy middle-way.


You’re a hipster bro


Well from what I hear Batman Ninja is yet another superhero movie that is ALSO a generic anime movie.


Everything else you said I agree with, but you must concede that films get killed mid production all the time no matter what studio


Lmao don’t get how “First man” got best visual effects


Yes and it doesn’t matter what genre. Any thing that falls apart falls apart.


I don’t really know about the movies. The few I saw, being the first Iron Man, the first Avengers and just small glimpses of tbe others on Facebook streams, they all feel pretty dull to me. Entertaining for a while but that’s it. In fact, I lost my charm for superheroes when I was a little boy shortly after the release of Spiderman 3 (I think Spiderman 2 from the 2000s was the last movie of this genre I enjoyed).

All that, the only media I can see superheroes is in 3 animated series and that quite for the nostalgia factor, with these series being Batman of the Future, The Justice League and Static Shock.


The Room is the best superhero movie and also the best movie in every category.


Not really. The original Aesir are not really a kingdom so much as a large family - all those hundreds of extras who are Odin’s people to rule over are an elaboration to Marvel in order to establish the king/prince thing going on. Its just accepted as “how it is” because it is so common for white stories to focus on royalty.

Yet it is because Star Trek showcases some of the inherent assumptions here. It uses western fashions, Eurocentric leadership and traditions with a very western type of communism where people work in traditional roles and business while not having need for payment etc

The rest of the world has its own vision of ideal society, traditions, etc. There is overlap since basic ideas are usually pretty universal (“starvation is bad” “happiness is good” “nuclear warfare is bad”) but the vision of how to achieve it and the details vary.

That is one aspect but like ideas it has variations. Through A Scanner Darkly was a darker vision of the future of the USA set close enough its proximity to the present.

If you ask David Weber then his Honor Harrington is an ideal where humans have reached their potential in space, but there are still plenty of problems because humans are humans and he wants to show how these reoccurring problems should be solved. (Many people myself included, feel he is misguided in many ways)

At its core, while it uses vibranium as a short cut, Wakanda represents a vision of cosmopolitan African nations free of the burden of colonialism and outside interference. A lot of people would like to see that.

This is pretty common for Afrofuturism because they want to maintain the relatable connection to present day, but also want to envision a bright future that is aesthetically and socially very different.

And that fits Black Panther since Jack Kirby originally wanted him to be a larger than life hero for black people that would do for them what existing superheroes did for white people. Give them hope and inspiration for what they could do and who they could be in the form of over the top entertainment.

And the movie seems to have done that with its vision of Wakanda given how excited about it so many black people have been.


Marvel is shit. The content is shit. People are generally idiots who get along the trend.