Mass Effect: Andromeda


Can I ask why you think they’ve gone downhill?

I know ME3 had its shortcomings, but it was still an enjoyable game, and Dragon Age Inquisition won several GOTY awards so that was obviously well received.


DA: I was god awful, imo. Even worse than Dragon age 2, which was a disappointment as well, but turned out to be an okay game.

I can’t even finish DA: I; it’s an empty world filled with pointless chores, awful combat, lackluster story (so far). The roleplaying element is weak, crap crafting, etc.

It’s like an mmo, but fails at what makes an MMO fun.

And it looks like Andromeda is taking the Inquisition route, an empty world.


DA:I is a great game… Tedious grinding to get “power” to continue on with the story, but the game is legit. Currently 40 hours in and outside of the grinding, I think it’s an excellent game.

Scourged is going way too far with his smack talk.


If your 40 hours in you may or may not have got the party sequence, which is probably my favourite part of DA: I. It’s worth sticking with the “grind” till then at least.

@Scourged I know it’s cliche at this point, but you really can ignore a lot of the optional quests. Most of them offer very little reward anyway. I’m a little OCD when it comes to these things usually, but I forced myself to focus on parts of the game that I was actually enjoying and the game was better for it.

DA: I is still absolutely stunning as well, seriously, for a launch title… incredible. I’m not usually that into graphics, but it still amazes me.


Oh, I’m definitely sticking with it until the end. I’m taking my time with it so I never get frustrated. To a certain extent, I’m cool with playing it slow so that it doesn’t end any time soon. I love the characters, and even if the sandboxes can be a bit annoying to navigate, they’re interesting and pretty enough to make up for the monotony. And I haven’t gotten to the party sequence, but I’m really excited to now.

And yeah, it’s a gorgeous looking game. It’s got legs for sure in regards to its visual fidelity.


I finished it pretty soon after it came out then traded it in. I bought it again with all the DLC for about 15 or 20€ a while back, but my save file from my first playthrough (100+ hours!) was corrupted :sob:.

Haven’t found the will to replay it all again but maybe someday I will. There’s quite a lot of DLC that’s been released since I stopped playing, so it’d be probably worth my while.

EDIT @Neon_Ronin Have you got the DLC by the way?


I bought the GOTY edition off Origin during the black Friday sale, so I’ve got all of the DLC installed. I haven’t gotten anywhere near accessing any of that extra content as of yet, though… Or at least I don’t think I have. Have you heard good things?


There’s probably some filler content, but apparently most of it includes some story content. The main game’s ending absolutely needed DLC, which caused some frustration for anyone who played it back on release, but you shouldn’t have that issue now.

This is why I want to get back into it :joy:


As far as dlc goes, I only played Trespasser which takes place two years after the game’s main story, which also means you can’t access it until after you beat the game. Can’t speak for the other dlcs but that one is worth it.



Looks nice. I really do hope the game is a success so I’m looking forward to hearing the reviews.


Yeah I reckon most are just waiting for reviews here. I’m cautiously optimistic though.


This looked good to me.


Looks great I think. Much more open and fluid then in previous titles. Seems pretty fast paced too.


It does look fast paced, I don’t like it personally. In BioWare games the most appealing to me was this semi-tactical approach to fights, utilizing active pause and commanding companions, that’s why I always picked the hardest difficulty, because on lower ones the combat was just this generic third person cover shooter.

I hope this will still be possible to do…


Well…all I can say is don’t knock it until you try it. You never know.


Seems like that tactical layer is still there. Not long left to wait anyway.


The party scene is amazing. It also comes at a time when you’ve gotten to know the supporting cast pretty well. So it’s cool seeing them in a completely different environment, where some are more comfortable than others.

DA:I spends a lot of time telling you how vital “the game” (it’s politics) is, and more importantly, how cutthroat it is. So it was important that this scene lived up to all the hype. It does. You do a lot of talking during this scene, but it all feels worthwhile, especially when you realise just how differently this scene can play out depending on what you do and say while your at the party. It’s my favourite part of the game and the more I think about it, the more excited I get for Mass Effect.


You mean the Citadel dlc party? Absolutely! I genuinely can’t stand playing through the whole game anymore but that dlc I still enjoy start to finish from time to time.


You hear that @Spodey! The Citadel DLC is great. Why the heck haven’t you played it yet?