Mass Effect: Andromeda


I’m going to… I just haven’t gotten to replaying ME3 w/ DLC yet (still 1/2way through ME2) huehue


My favorite ME3 DLC was Leviathan… reminded me of the first Sovereign encounter on Vermire.

Although I don’t know about you guys, but where I live, BioWare DLCs are absurdly expensive. I payed for DLC for ME2&3 like 5 times more than the entire trilogy bundle, and I’m not even exaggerating, literally 5 times more.


Five times as much? Damn! For me the ME3 dlc was $15 dollars a pop, though I forgot how much the Javik character was. The Citadel was the only one worth the asking price IMO.

Although I feel Leviathan came way too late, it was a cool dlc.


I got lucky with Mass Effect. Didn’t play it till after ME3, when I binged on the entire trilogy (including DLC) in the space of a month. It probably cost me less than €60 in total since I got GOTY editions, and it ended up being my favourite experience on last gen. Good times.


So I got a bit into the topic of tactical pause and tactical combat in general, seems like it got almost completely scrapped.

Abilities are usable only in real time combat, by pressing shoulder buttons, you can call up some kind of weapon wheel like in the pic below

It pauses the game but I don’t think it lets you look around the battlefield and plan your moves. There is no separate tactical pause button and it seems you can’t even use your companions’ abilities or command them to move, they just kinda run around attacking things on their own, using one or two or whatever abilities whenever they feel like it, depending on your current power loadout or something like that.

Well, as a hardcore lover of BioWare’s tactical combat in their RPGs, the hypetrain just got derailed and crashed for me. I hardly care about this game at this point, I will have it on my radar but focusing the combat on real time shoot-em-up just does not please me when it comes to BioWare games.

Looks like they liked the ME3 MP formula and decided to plague ME:A single player with it to unify it with its MP mode. I hate it personally.

For me it’s been always 50% enjoying combat on the hardest difficulty and 50% enjoying the storyline, now I’m left with just one 50%, unless the game manages to make it as cool as DOOM or something. Welp, not burying the game just yet, but this hit me hard.


We still don’t know what this game plays like on the hardest difficulty so I wouldn’t panic just yet. This is a fresh start for Mass Effect so I’m not suprised they took combat in a new direction.


This seems a trend for gaming in general. Dumbing things down for the ‘casuals’.


That trend started about 10 years ago, though I haven’t noticed it being as much of an issue recently. Its a neccesity, though it seems like dev’s are figuring out ways to release complex games that also offer assistance to players that might need it.

Look at Hitman, there’s tons of assists available, but advanced players can turn all that stuff off and it plays just as well or better. I’d say there’s loads of guys at IO playing the game that way, but they have to demo it with the assist’s on, in order to appeal to the “casuals”, and appease Square Enix.

There’s lots of game’s doing this (racing games have been doing it for years), Deus Ex and Dishonored 2 being recent examples. It allows dev’s to create the game they envisioned without having to always cater to the biggest market.



Kinda confirms my concerns.


I understand. We got roughly a month left to find out if we love it or hate. Still this won’t be a first week purchase for me.


Combat looks really good. I loved the original triolgy’s combat but I’m excited to see how this plays when it’s in our hands. They’ve simplified how you combine abilities, which I’m not sure how I feel about. I’d prefer if you still had direct control over your team, but I still can’t help but be a little excited to play this game after watching that gameplay.


Yeaaaah, I think I’m gonna pass on this one.
The combat and writing. Geezus. It’s laughable, it’s like a teen show.


This is not a game for me, it’s a bit sad because i liked Mass Effect 2 and 3, but this game is too far out, it’s too futuristic for my liking.


Yeah that level looked bad.

Still buying.


This looks just bad. Combat is meh, conversations and characters seem to be aimed not even at teens, but at children. I hope this is not the case for the whole game, because this is shit.

@ingrobny umm… Mass Effect has always been futuristic. What’s wrong with you? :smiley:


Whoa, real tough crowd.


Hahaha, i know, but imo this is more far out than the other Mass Effect games :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

I totally agree :smiley:.


They could have probably used a way better mission for this demo. Some of the levels and enemies we’ve already seen in other trailers looked so much more interesting and exciting than those we’re seeing here. I’m sure after 20 hours of fighting things that feel “alive”, coming across these robot/AI type enemies will be somewhat interesting.

This looks like a tutorial level, which is weird since I’d assume a loyalty mission would come a good few hours into the game. There was so much “oh, of you press on this we can find more things to shoot at!”

Also worth mentioning that The Triolgy’s combat looked boring too. Mass Effects secret sauce is in how it makes you care about its characters.


I wholeheartedly disagree about the combat. I loved the combat in original trilogy (maybe except Mass Effect 1), I always picked the highest difficulty and each fight for me was like a semi-chess match. Constantly pausing stuff and choosing just the right ability, from the right teammate, on the right opponent. I loved it. This games just goes all out DOOM, and if I wanted to play DOOM, I’d go and install DOOM, I wanted Mass Effect. This combat was extremely boring and long, but then again, the guy playing sucked big time, that may be a factor too.

But combat is not that important, what is important is the story (which we know nothing of yet) and the characters, which - as this demo showed us - are extremely annoying and have voices and lines of a kids show like Franklin, it’s horrendous. I’m seriously worried about ME:A if this is how the whole game is going to play out.

The hand-holding is also overstaying its welcome, all the time someone tells you what to do and why you should do it, BioWare seems to think that if they force player to think for more than one second, they make a mistake.

After watching this demo my hype level is low.