Masters Run

So… I’m going on my Master Difficulty SO/SA run from the beginning to end of Hitman 2. An for some reason the method I’ve used thousands of times without fail seem to be failing now cause its giving me a 0 in the Non-Target Kill category where its saying 0, which indicates to me that I’ve killed an NPC, but there is no way of that since all I did was push Dalia Margolis into Viktor Novikov (Terminal Velocity Challenge) an that was it, then exited stage left. Only this time its saying I have an NTK. Could someone explain why that might be? Cause i was under the impression that accident/posion kills weren’t counted against you.

                 Thanks in advance...

Edit: reread your post more carefully.

The nontarget kill part of your score is supposed to be zero if you killed no nontargets.

If you kill a nontarget the nontarget kill part will be a negative value.

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Thanks, but why has that run went from 5star to 4? Granted the body was found, it was counted as an accident. An as I said originally, I was under the impression that accident an poison kills were NOT counted negatively. Did something change? I have 20k for never spotted, 20k for no noticed kills 0 no body found, 20k no recording, 0 NTKP an of course the time bonus. So… so theoretically if the terminal Velocity challenge is considered an accident, there should be 20k under the no bodies found, because when I use lethal poison on Novikov , that body found doesn’t count against me an I’m guaranteed a 5 star everytime (though I haven’t tried that method on master). So I’m confused…

That’s a totally different issue.

Accident and poison kills will always result in 20k for the “no bodies found” categories, so either you messed up or this is a bug.

Accidents and poison has nothing to do with difficulty; I myself have performed the terminal velocity challenge on master countless times with no issue.

Do you have SA indicator toggled on in menu? This may help you pinpoint when you lost SA.

Also, try to recreate the run and record it. A video would make your issue more clear than text.

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I agree…, I will be doing another run an I will record it an see how to upload it here, that is if it does wind up a non SA/SO run. An no, I never knew you could toggle that on actually. I’ll look up how to turn that on an make said run to see how things play out. Thanks again bud :v:

Just to update… that suggestion to turn on the SA HUD worked, an helped me figure out the problem. Thanks again solderq.

So, what was the problem? Don’t leave us in suspense.

Turns out I was not being patient enough. Even though I wasnt being fully seen to cause a full caught trespassing situation I was still being seen. However… an I owe all the credit to solder, my turning on the SA HUD (which I had no clue even existed), helped me to figure out my problem. Thanks again :v:


I didn’t want to start another thread since the original title an my next question fall in line with each other…

So… as I said I’m on my Masters run from beginning (Hitman Season 1) to end (Hitman 2 aka Season 2) trying to collected all the missing items I didn’t get, (Classic all black suit, Class lockpick, briefcascase and coin), but have run into something of a weird (to me at least) occurence. I’ve been through 2 missions so far (Paris an Sapienza), but according to the tracker its saying I’ve only done 1 out of 6 for the All-Black Suit, as I’m kinda mixing thing up an going through each map on pro for SA/SO before doing Master, so as to bettah familiarize myself with each map. So… if I’ve done both Paris AND Sapienza in the suit on pro SA/SO, shouldn’t it say 2/6??? What is up here??? Thanks in advance for everyone’s help this far. :v:

You should provide some images.

And how do I do that? I’m using XB1s?

If you press the Xbox button, then press Y, it will capture screenshot to your Xbox. It’s best to have captures on a memory stick, but if you don’t have one, it will automatically upload to Xbox Live. Then you can use the GamerDVR website to view and download your images to a PC, which can then be dragged and dropped into these posts.

You don’t need to sign in to the website, you just visit: gamer tag goes here

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My nephew was showing me his work-in-progress where he is SASO-ing Colorado with just a knife and using Peek-A-Boo hypnosis to bring targets to him into secluded areas on Master difficulty.

@Fortheseven will be most pleased. :laughing:


My hats off if he pulls/pulled it off! Colorado is most definitely NOT an easy map on any level. :wink::v:

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Timing seems very crucial. In the tests he showed me he can hypnotise Sean Rose at the demo area to go near the shredder and then move to Maya Parvati and lure her from the garage area into an isolated barn house.

But he’s not very focused. He changes his mind and wants to try electrocuting Sean Rose instead (there’s a garden hose near the shredder) only to realize it affects timing for his Maya hypnosis lure.

He’s still working on it. :wink:

I’m sure he’ll figure a way to pull it off. The one thing I love about season 1 (an 2 within reason), there truly are hundreds of ways to complete the objective, even if it does match the way the devs mapped it out. :wink: