Mastery achievements/trophies

The issue with Mastery achievements not unlocking because you reached level 20 on the side mission and not the main is infuriating. I’ve been dealing with this for well over half a year and Im upset that they said they fixed it in the August update and that wasn’t the case. Any one else with this issue please post your console and which mission so they can see just how many people are dealing with this. I have tweeted them multiples times but never get a reply.

Xbox One
“One Night In Bangkok” - Reach mastery level 20 in Bangkok

Edit on 10th October. Got a reply on Twitter they are still saying it was fixed in the August update. Please more people tweet them so they know it didn’t fix.

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Definitely wasnt fixed on PC either. I just reached mastery level 20 in Colorado through a side mission and didnt get any achievement. Pretty annoying since I am currently trying to get all the achievements on steam.

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Don’t have Twitter, but definitely still not fixed. I’ve seen multiple people say the same.
It’s literally the only trophy in the base game I don’t have… I’m also suffering the lack of reaction from Salvades in the bank which has locked another trophy…
“One Night In Bangkok” - Reach mastery level 20 in Bangkok


It’s shame they claim to have fixed it, I feel like there just not taking it seriously enough at all. I’m not buying anymore content for the game until this is fixed.

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ITS FIXED!!! Mine popped upon loading into main menu. You might have to replay your mission from start to finish, don’t load up a save as it won’t work.



The same thing happened to me too. It was enough to turn on the game and the trophy was unlocked already in the main menu. Thanks IOI !!

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Thanks @Travis_IOI!
It’s fixed on PS4. All I had to do was launch the game and it popped!