Max Easter Egg Theories (Hawke's Bay)

I believe there has to be an Easter egg in Hawkes bay relating to Max, the dog belonging to Reynaud. The fact that they mention him so much has to beg the question. I tried fooling around on HB, bringing the meaty bone, which I though could somehow attract Max. Nothing worked however. Below I have listed several things that could be a piece to finding the Max Easter egg, should it exist.

-2 squeaky toys (in upstairs bathroom and next to bed)

-meaty bone(unlockable)

-A shovel hidden in a locker where the expired spaghetti is, you have to hide a body and quickly grab it while the doors are open. Could be used for digging something

  • orsons watch that he sets next to the bed. It was supposedly damaged by Max

  • guards mention that they think Max is down the road

  • It doesn’t seem to have to do with Max, but I think the gravel patio on the second floor could be involved.

  • various actions will be blamed on Max, such as tossing something or shooting something. Maybe they have to be done in order.

Basically, I asking fellow Hitman fans to combine brain power to figure this out. Have posted this on the subreddt as well.


changed the title so other people don’t believe this is a discovery like I did :pensive:

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I really want Max to make a proper appearance, but I can’t believe that he will. If IO had the ability to create animals, I’m sure we’d know about it by now (the hippo was just an object).

Having said that, an EE with a load of growling, or something, but no physical dog, would be great.

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I’m thinking that maybe we can bury Orson?