Maximum posts per topic (>Member Contracts)

Yep, that is an issue now. Our beloved contract thread reached 10k posts and got locked.

Of course we can make a new one. But is this how it works? Do you abolish a family member just because they got old?

I SAY NO AND SO SHOULD YOU! Raising the count to one million is the only humane solution to this.


It should be able to continue past 10k:

… oh

Just need an admin to remove the post cap then, I guess.

Paging @ampburner and @Jarbinger!

This petition strikes me as a bit of elitist. I mean, is it that much of a problem to ask the last post on the thread to be edited into containing a link to the new thread soon to be made?

At any case I still want to hear an administrator’s word on the matter so I suggest we wait for either of them.

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I shall talk to @ampburner about this one and see if it’s technical concern or if it can be lifted without crashing the forum, it may take a while to work out since this forum works… differently to most historically.

In the mean time I leave you with the comfort of a dril tweet so you know you are not alone in this pain:



It is not too much of a hard word on my book. Sorry if it is in yours.

Jar seems willing to solve this as requested by OP, so all is good!

Just want to note that for me this is not such a big issue. I tried to make it obvious with very exaggerated wording. Did not work on Supernova but no worry. :smiley: It just would be nice to keep the thread.

Ok. That further explains some things.

Honestly, we could perhaps do with an entirely new contracts thread now that the mode’s been changed slightly.

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I’d say start one then, mods can still merge them if it works and if we still want.

“10k posts ought to be enough for everybody”

  • Bill gates

Sorry for slightly off topic but didn’t want to create a new thread -

What the hell is this? It’s like 10:30am, pretty sure i’ve not reached my limit for the day and I don’t really want to wait 400k hours until I can like again