Maximum Save Games Reached (Hitman HD Trilogy)

So, I was playing Hitman Contracts on the HD Trilogy (Xbox 360), and I saved my game after playing Rendezvous In Rotterdam (pretty sure it has nothing to do with the mission), and it told me I reached the maximum amount of save games. Anyone know about this? Thank you.

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Hitman games (up to Absolution and HITMAN) have save game limits, Codename 47 not having save games at all. How many saves you get are dependent on your difficulty.

I can’t remember Contracts’ limit, but I think it’s around 3 saves per mission on Normal, its lowest difficulty. Hitman 2 awarded you bonus saves on certain missions, though they came far and few.

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I meant storage saves. Not saves during a mission. I got a notification that told me maximum save game files reached or something, after I was done the mission.

Huh. That I don’t know about. Sorry I couldn’t answer your issue.

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the HD Collection is a mess. everytime you or the game saves, it creates a new save file. just go to the xbox menue, select hitman hd collection and you can delete them one by one.