May 12, 2016 New Escalations "The Kotti Paradigm" and "The Scarlatti Covenant"

Given the latest Elusive Contracts announcements, it seems like the newest escalations aren’t getting any attention. What do others have to say about them this time round?

Let me start:
Granted I’ve only started, but one thing that stood out to me was that “The Kotti Paradigm” only has 3 levels. I prefer this over the 5. It makes it less of a grind.
However, I’m not liking the inclusion of the “no vaulting or climbing, etc.” It’s obviously there to cover up the flaw of being able to holster (unholsterable) huge weapons when you climb. :unamused:

“The Scarlatti Inheritance” is also a Robert Ludlum novel. Yet another Ludlum reference, along with Osterman and Gemini in the Escalation contract names…

ETA: Oh, and “The Holcroft Covenant” was also a Ludlum book!


Do you mean you want to hear only positive things? Escalations won’t get that from me, which is why I stopped playing them.

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I was gonna write something in the initial post to discourage replies of “Escalations suck!” and just to write about the mention escalations, but people can say whatever they want. Personally, I find it pointless for the same people to constantly complain about the same thing over and over. Get it off your chest once and be done with it, I say.
Oh, all those poor dead horses that are the result of the " Hitman Experience :tm: "! :laughing:

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only if they are positive responses then, since I’m not allowed to repeat myself on threads asking my opinion…ok. :expressionless:


sigh I only created the topic since this week there wasn’t a new topic for escalations like there were before. I didn’t create this topic for responses just to me.
My mistake for personalizing the initial post. Fixed.
This still doesn’t change my feelings I expressed above, but like I said this isn’t MY topic.

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Definitely not the case. The original contract the escalation is based on relied heavily on using the drain pipes to get to the targets and removal of agility is there to counter that route.

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Have we got a reward for 20 yet? Don’t we have 20 now? Not sure as I haven’t played them.

There are 18 now, u should really give “The Kotti Paradigm” and “The Kerner Disquiet” a chance, they’re fun.

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Ah ok take it still no sign of what the reward is? I don’t enjoy escalations and I don’t like the sound of the new restrictions in the Kotti one to be honest. If the reward looks decent I will go back and do them all other than that I probably won’t bother.

Why is that? It’s there to prevent using a certain route, which would make the entire escalation far easier. As for your enjoyment, i doubt u have tried those 2, and yet u already decided u don’t like them. Just give those two a try, and then form ur opinion, not the other way around.

I noticed a difference in how we approach things though, u seem to play for rewards, i play for the challenge and experience. Nothing wrong with either way, but might explain some of ur views.

I only play for rewards on escalations, I played plenty of them to come to the conclusion I don’t like them too repetitive and tedious. I completed the first ten to get the SMG haven’t played them since just isn’t for me. Regarding my comments on elusives who knows I might really enjoy them despite the crap they call a reward can’t say for definite yet. The main missions I play for fun and I play them too much too soon and get burnt out on them unfortunately which is where I’m at again now.

I’m looking in the challenges and can’t seem to find any mention of there being a reward for 20 finished escalations. Isn’t that where the previous rewards were listed? (I currently can’t find those listed as “finished” either.)

Maybe there isn’t one I’m just assuming.

With any luck there won’t be…
Not in the mood to play any of them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If we only had an economy system…

ugh! 8sec, anyone beat it under 2min?

There are 2 or 3 fun escalations, the rest are shit, u only experienced the shitty ones by the looks of it. So again, try those two, instead of already passing them off as repetitive and tedious based on the other ones.

With the elusive targets u said that u are only looking forward to the reward (suit with gloves), not the elusive target itself, hence why i said u seem to play for rewards, atleast for those 2 modes.

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Didn’t try to speedrun it, just under the 3 minutes which was required. Didn’t find this one that fun or interesting.

this new one is really good, give it a try! :smiley:

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well I think it’s fun enough :smiley: I enjoyed alot