Maybe a clue?


In the home page for hitman 2 under the explore more there is a series of numbers with a letter at the the end idk if this is a clue for season 2 or what because it wasn’t there before I don’t think image

Yes this one doesn’t have a letter but I did see one with an “e”


Nice find. It gets camouflaged with the dark background so is pretty hard to notice but I doubt it means anything big


it was always there. and arent the numbers rotating anyways? im pretty sure its just there for the aesthetic


I know I’m just making sure but if it is something big I think it should looked at More closely by someone who I hope knows what it could mean


I wish it is a cool like mini Easter egg but idk could be anything


I’m putting my tin-foil hat on.

We’ve got “47” followed by “49” which might be referring to a secret series of clones being developed after the infamous 48 series, who were all killed in Meet Your Brother.

This is confirmation that the Shadow Client is Agent 49!


I will try to write down all numbers in order to finally deduce this CONSPIRACY this will confirm everything in existence


Anything strange so far?


Interesting. Assuming this means anything at all:
It seems the lettering system ends at “F”. Maybe these are two separate hexadecimal numbers? (separated by the hyphen)


As I remember it plaintext can be converted in this way (though I don’t know much about it, so don’t know how it would work exactly), so these hexadecimal number pairs might actually be text?

Edit 2:
000-04749, for intance, seems to simply be “GI”. I see 13 number-sets cycling, so maybe together it spells something out?


Doesn’t really seem to go anywhere following the method I’ve used, but there might still be something in there.


I’ll try to write down every sequence tomorrow I probably won’t know what to do with it but I hope someone does


How would you even do that? They go passed super fast, at least when I look. And I suspect (again, if they mean anything) that the order could be important.


On the question of hex-code: Looking at this, if this is hex-code it’s really weird. First of all it’s a bunch of control characters, so it wouldn’t really be plain text but rather some kind of code, and it’s quite suspicious that the letter only ever wind up in the last position. It’s probaby something else.


I’ll use a recording software and slow it down try to get every single one. The hexi-decimal might not be the thing you use


I think this is all the numbers maybe someone can figure out how to decode them.

000-00000 020-04000 420-0407a 428-3427d 923-3477d 183-0370f 331-4362c 950-3382d 427-5921e 100-5921e 101-5921e 102-5921e 103-5921e 023-447d0 003-447df 000-44749 000-04749 000-00749 000-00041 000-00001 000-0000


I think I got something


So we have put it in and we just have asterisks

Woo this either means we have to decode another thing or it’s a just a big waste of time

Edit: maybe this symbol has anything to do with it? image


The image actually appears twice on the page. Next to Game Overview and Explore More. I’ve resized it and slowed it down.


There is insufficient data to perform frequency analysis and given the last block of numbers all ending in 5921e, it is unlikely to mean anything specific. Unless it’s a series of exclamation marks! ! ! ! !

For those interested, the numbers appear in the following order:



I know that but I thought it was the and set of numbers soooo idk


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