Meat King lawyer needs to use the bathroom

I’m playing Contracts on PC and want to assassinate the Lawyer when he moves to the bathroom.

the problem is he’s not leaving the opium den, I wait 20 minutes and he just stays there the whole time.

is there something I should or should not do to make him use the bathroom ?

He should go alone to the bathroom. It’s a long wait time but he can go to the bathroom multiple times.

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ok I’ll keep trying.

was thinking maybe the script changes if I kill the opium waiter or something

Don’t harm the opium waiter. This was your problem. If you do, then you’ll have to replace him in order to get the lawyer to move.

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No need to kill anyone.

As said above it’s all about timing. Wait long enough and he will move to the bathroom.

If i remember correctly the waiter or some guard will also come in the same time so be careful before killing him.

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