Mechanics from other games you'd like to see in H2

There’s a convoluted thread about things to improve in H2 but what about a thread underlining specific things from other games that people want?

I find myself thinking about specific key features from Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid that I wish were in H2. As it stands, on top of the things listed in the aforementioned thread, I feel like every Hitman game to date has lacked a lot of mechanical depth, Absolution being the only one that’s ever tried and miserably failed.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the Blood Money format and it’s innate simplicity. But it’s taken IOI 12 years to figure out that most people like it and the “return to form” is no more than backtracking.

That being said, what specific mechanics do you think H2 could benefit from that are in other games? Do you want any? Or would you say that H2 is “feature complete” and should just have the improvements listed on the improvements thread?

I woud like to put my own starting outfit together (like in Mafia 2)
For example: I LOVE the italian suit, but i hate the sunglasses


Fiberwire animations from Hitman Contracts looked pretty cool :+1:

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A custom outfit feature would be brilliant. It only makes sense really. Considering 47 keeps getting tailored outfits every time he goes to a new location, I don’t see why the player can’t make the decision for themselves.

I love the additions that IO has made in the latest installment, but according to me the game is still a very long game from being a fine tuned finesse or a clockwork of assassination.

These are the topics that i’d like to highlight, that will not only add to the game play but also increase the ambiance and immersion of the game.

  1. Gore system
  2. NPC’s noticing blood drops, blood pools, blood trails
  3. Blood money styled money and notoriety system where your actions affect your future missions
  4. Better weapons, weapon variety and their impact on the NPC’s
  5. more animations (diverse reloading, sprinting, if the player is severely injured 47 will walk really slow, takedown animations, pistol executions kinda like this)

another animation addition can be weapon quick draws

it kinda feels dumb that 47 instantaneously holsters his weapon in hand and starts to punch people in CQC, he could instead wack them up if there’s no ammo or perform a weapon execution.

  1. shooting from cover also needs a major improvement because as of now 47 keeps his entire body popped out rather than keeping in cover and shooting, also you can see 47 hiding behind the cover pretty easily.


I would like to see fully imported mechanics from HITMAN 2016 with some tweaks and improvements.
Current mechanics in H2 I can’t call improvements…

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I want 47 to not only be able to jump, but also double jump and dash mid-air.

  1. I really want precise hip firing to return from the older games with the ability to shoot while running. The white dot currently is completely useless.

  2. A more dynamic AI system that brings back aspects of BM. NPCs shouldn’t be just picking up firearms when they are threatened but they should also look for the nearest melee weapon and try to attack you when you have your back turned around.

  3. Decapitation and gore like RDR2. A shotgun blast to the face should blow your head off. And a katana should slice your head clean off.

  4. A more intuitive and free movement system. It kinda boggles my mind how restrictive the movement is in this game. Granted its an improvement over older titles but it’s not enough. Instead of relying on context sensitive functions for scaling over walls and dropping down through ledges, a dedicated climbing system would be great.

I am not asking for Assassin’s Creed here. Just enough control to make movement less frustrating. I want to scale railings of a stairway and jump as per my own will.


a notoriety system whould suck in a game that isnt campaing based like BM i mean you dont even have notoriety in newgame + soo IO knows that too

I really dislike the way hand to hand combat works. As been said I should be good to pistol whip and guards should be able to shoot themselves and others NPC’s no more ghost bullets.

I want to blend in the crowd for real. NPC’s need to be able to absorb bullets


Human shields
Dual pistols


Gore would be great, blood pools and trails should have been in from the start and weapon variety should be a given, especially since half of all the guns just have pink stickers on them.

There’s a lack of diversity and depth in just about everything Hitman 2016 and 2 have to offer. It’s unfortunate and it tends to make gameplay quite boring after a while.

The cover system is pretty funny as well. 47 seemingly goes invisible for NPCs just because he’s against a wall. Maybe it would work at first glance for an un-alerted guard but it defeats the purpose of having viewcones in the eyes of NPCs. I think this should definitely be altered. Stealth should be substantially in-depth on a level akin to Splinter Cell and Metal Gear.


i wish see mechanic of kills from Styx -hold LBM long time -for nonlethal neutralized - or press LBM - to fast kill -in Styx game it was cool and comfortably

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A timing/rhythm based Chain Kill using knives for armed guards in close proximity to 47.

Kind of like you need to tap E/Attack at a rhythm after the first kill and 47 auto-dodges stuff along the way. And it’s one-hit kills and slashes all around…Again, only for close in CQC.

Same could work using blunt Non-Lethal weapons which results in a slew of KO’s.

Might also consider a version of this that works with pistols/ingram with the same idea as the knives with the chain starter requiring that you use Pistol Eliminate (and not just shoot someone)


Could see this working really well if the game didn’t penalise you so much for killing non-targets.
John Wick-style action is in vogue right now though and I think that kind of fluidity is absent altogether in Hitman. A lot of people want IOI to increase the amount of animations in the game, I’d say that this would be taking it to the next level and turning it into something fun. It seems like an entirely viable idea to clear out rooms, either for planning or for escaping.


I’d think of this mechanic more as a last resort bat-out-of-hell option. If shit hits the fan I’d like the game to sort of let you do this as a consolation prize.

Remember that 47 is pretty squishy so it kind of makes sense to give him this kind of high damage output option to at least maybe go down in a blaze of glory or walk away from an enjoyable bloodbath - just brace for the big fat zero at the screen and bye-bye to any progress towards ET SA suit rewards. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Human shield, better hand to hand combat and a faster run.

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A pet

But this time a cat. Not just any cat but

Wouldn’t mind some kind of multiple take down option.

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Contracts’ atmosphere
Absolution’s subdue mechanic and Purist difficulty
BM’s notority system and human shield.

Watch Dogs’ hacking system (with a equipment of course)