Meet The Team - Series

IO started a new series where you get to meet the devs and get to know what they do and how the process works.

Meet the Team #1: The Cinematics Team

How do you create an awesome cinematic/ briefing?

Well, Nick and Aske will in this short documentary give you a rundown of their process of creating briefings and cinematics for HITMAN 2.


Meet The Team #2: The Audio Team - Part One

How to use the wind as an instrument?

Well, meet Jonas, who is Lead Sound Designer here at IO Interactive. He’ll go through how he and the team created the ambience/ and soundscapes for the Haven Island location in HITMAN 2.

This is Part 1: The Wind as Theme.


Meet the Team #2: The Audio Team - Part Two

In Part two, Jonas will tell us about how he and the team created the soundscape - for Haven Island.

This is Part 2: Creating the Soundscape


Is it me or was the first one not uploaded to Youtube?

It wasn’t.

@Clemens_IOI Great work with the series and it’s nice that you took the initiative to start the series :+1:
Don’t forget to upload part 1 (cinematics) tmrw when you’re putting up part 2 (sound) so I can add links to youtube instead of reddit :slight_smile:

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Are they both up on YouTube to watch now?

In the audio one, he keeps mentioning a wind theme for the island. And then they have a target with a name that literally means “windy” there (and they gave her very windy “skirt” too :smile:)

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Yes, I’ve linked them in the first post.

Oh thank you. I realised, when I played the Resort, that the image in the background of the first video is from the briefing. I wondered why they needed a render of 47 in a mission briefing!

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I can’t believe it’s only two dudes working on the cinematic briefings. So glad that IO has such talented people.


Wrong. Even in the video (if I remember correctly) they saying that they two are not the ones responsible.
There are several more people working on cutscenes

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They mentioned they seek help from many of the other employees and use the resources they have from their library. But it still doesn’t change my opinion. It’s impressive that it’s mainly a two man team effort.

Part two of Meet The Audio Team is up. All links are in the first post.


I might be missing something obvious here, but what exactly do Travis, Clemens, and that woman who sometimes posts - Lasse? - do? Are they writers, then? :slight_smile:

Travis and Clemens are community people. They have the job to collect bugs we report and forward information from IO to us. They also do a lot of stuff more, like giving direct technical support. They are the connection between the whole worlds.

Lasse (a guy) is the lead Level Designer of Himmelstein and Whittleton Creek. I think after these levels were done he became senior level designer and is involved as a helping hand in other and upcoming content.