Meeting David Bateson

I don’t know from where to start but the only thing that is printed on my mind right now is that this night was magical…

I just came back from Games Musical Festival and boy what a day it was. I would like with all my heart to make a long post about my journey and my emotions so I can read it another time and get some feelings back. But guess I’m going to pass this time.

Keeping it short I went there dressed as 47 and I had people complimenting me and there was one guy who wanted a selfie with me. I could feel all the looks left and right and hear whispers that even if it was in another language were clear they were refereed to me.
Even the organizer of the event noticed and came straight to me to say hi and tell me that I look exactly like 47 (I am not exaggerating). I never felt so… accomplish in a way.

The live orchestra is something that I will never forget and it will forever change my perspective while playing the old Hitman games.
I was fascinated by how I could distinguish every specific sound from which instrument came from and I loved the feeling of the goosebumps on my head while the choir raised their powerful voices.
During each play I was imagining the missions and the situation of that specific music reviving old memories of how I felt when I first heard them.
The tracks we all know were slightly modified and I believe in better but overall it was still the same and very easily recognizable. If they plan to do it again in another time I would sure love to go again because hearing them live revived something in me.

But the main reason I attended this symphony and drove 12 hours straight to Poland was to meet David Bateson.
I wish I could travel back in time to when I was 11 years old playing Hitman Codename 47 and tell my self “You know, 17 years from now you are going to meet that man you play with” just to put a huge smile on my face and bring a joy because those years were probably the worse of my life.
At the end of the show there was a private meeting room with Bateson and Jesper for the people with a VIP ticket. The one of I course I had.
They made us form a line and one by one or by couple were brought on the stage with them for autographs and photos.

Now hear what happen. Bateson told me to come to him and wait. He went off the stage to a bag and came back with a cell phone and he told me something like “It is me who wants a photo with you”
I’m not sure if those were the exact same words because my brain just stopped. But there was a crowd who witness everything. I wanted to cry.
I don’t know how to describe what I felt in that moment. I was honored, I was surprised, I was accomplished! DAVID BATESON MADE A PHOTO WITH ME ON HIS CELLPHONE!
After that I told him about a gift I would want him to have from me. It’s a about a coin, a prototype from my Silverballer replica that I tried a few year ago.
He told me that he loved it and that he will keep it… Somewhere. Sorry but I was hypnotize by the moment and I can barely remember his words. I put this coin on his hand and on top mine and thanked him.
I would love to write more because there is a lot more to tell but right now I am really really tiered. Hope you enjoy the reading, sorry for annoying you today with pictures and I hope someone filmed the whole scene because I would give anything to watch it from another point of view.
Good Night,

Alex Badea


Who is this “David Bateson” guy? :thinking:

All I see is a pic of you with Tobias Rieper :joy: seriously tho, so jealous dude! Congrats on meeting him.

Also did you ask him to say anything specific so you could hear it in 47s voice?


I am honestly glad this day was such a success for you! Nobody can take this away from you.

Except 47 of course.


@badeaguard you know what? i dont care at all for David Bateson or Jesper Kyd. For them it may be all just a Job or some kind of making money, but for me, the Hitman Community is more than making the perfect Hit, its about making friends.
I’m glad that i met you, and I’m glad that i can call you a friend of mine.


I feel the emotions. This is a great day Badea. Your a lucky man ! Honestly you look badass in that 47 outfit.



Nah, in all seriousness man. I’m so very happy for you. Today was a day you will remember forever and I’m just so glad you had a good time and got to meet David. You gotta frame that photo of you and him. Just perfect :ok_hand: and thanks a million times more for my autograph from him. You seriously made my year bro, I can’t wait to get it in the mail! I will treasure it always :blush: thank you!


i am so happy for you alex!!!


Looks like you had an awesome time!! Now to the important stuff. What did you eat? Lol Seriously something to remember 4ever.


Reading through this alone gives a glimps of the feelings you must have felt, and god, that had to be amazing! If there is anything more you can share with us, please do!


Very jealous! Good on you man! Looks like it was an awesome time!


So who’s Agent 47 and which one is Helmut Kruger?

I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the trip and that it was a great experience. Meeting Bateson is a very special experience and I hope I get to meet him again some day.


@badeaguard saw you there! That wasn’t a Silent Assassin you know, you have been noticed :smirk: now you need get back and repeat whole level again… Even if loading time takes 12 h :joy: but tho it wasn’t hard to spot you hahaha

Anyway I felt that same as you, that was a magical night!


Awesome dude!!

What a magical night it had to be!

I’m so happy for you, you deserve it :blush:


What an awesome experience, you deserved it!


Cant help up smile silly, really happy for you my man, wish i requested you to get another autograph for me, would love to visit you in person and hear all the stories in person :heart: :smiley:


Oh you are going to be so disappointed here. I went there for a specific purpose and that was it.
Think that I never even explored what Wrocalw had to offer. My hotel was maybe 10 minute away from the place.
I ate a take away chinese food that was right next to my hotel and before that a nice dessert near the opera house… I know right?
The next day, which is today, I had a small breakfast. I can’t really eat much when I wake up so had something small and then hit the road.


Kudos for the pics! At least you got something!


Have you had a barcode tattoo?!

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Awesome experience! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Hitmanforum couldn’t wish for a better ambassador on this kind of event.

Small question about the concert itself: was music from Freedom Fighters by Jesper Kyd also covered? I’m now rediscovering that soundtrack and that Russian choir meets industrial must sound amazeballs live.

Also, Jesper Kyd reminds me of Jasper Knight in your pictures. And they share the same initials. Coincidence?

Yes, most probably.


So, the next day I went back home and this time I made it in just 10 hours. I only stopped once at 600 km in Germany to eat at Burger King, fill my gas tank and go to the bathroom. After that I hit the road again.
Going there how ever took me 12 hours because I really needed to sleep 50 minutes. The road was all high way and only going straight from my town in Italy straight to Wroclaw.

Now about David Bateson. I can describe him as a really funny guy who knows how to make you laugh. He cracked a joke one after another in the right moments.
I heard him say to a fan that he has 3 daughters and all 3 of them play Hitman at home and they love it.
He seems patient, open to talk with anyone about anything but, you can really see on him how his strength lays in theater acting. Voicing Agent 47 feels to me like more of a side job for him.
But these are just personal opinions.
He’s tall but not too much, at least for me who’s 1.75. And if you look him straight in the face you can tell he’s birtish.
I wish I had talked a lot more with him but there were many people waiting in line. I was one of the firsts.
Here is a funny question someone asked him :joy:

I didn’t visit Wroclaw not one bit. I went there for one reason only and that is the only thing I did. Even when the show was over and I got my autographs I went straight to the hotel, created this topic, went to sleep and the next day I already came back home. I couldn’t sleep all day of how hyped I was.
The hotel I stayed was really nice. All new and I liked a lot my room.
I payed only 52€ for one night.

And since I work in a hotel I know how staff feels and would like to find things. So I staked up the dirty towels, left all the trash in a bag where they can be easily picked plus a small tough.

I had that in mind. That is why I separated the eggs from the sausage :grin:

Here is a fun fact. I only recognized the music from the Hitman games.
There were others that I think they were from Assassins Creed also phenomenal but the ones that gave me goosebumps were the ones from Hitman because they have meaning for me.
The opera started with the main theme from Silent Assassin going gradually with tracks from Hitman 2, then Contracts, then Blood Money and then a 15 minutes pause. After the pause they started with the other musics that I think were from Assassins Creed.

I didn’t even think about that. I COULDN’T TALK! I had many things in mind to say but I talked like I was mentally challenged.
You should see what a wing man I was chatting with the folks and girls working around there. When my turn came to shake Bateson’s and Kyd’s hands I just lost control of my tongue.
My brain was paralyzed the first time I saw him. In the evening I had a little more courage but I was concentrated about giving him my gift, take pictures and the autographs.
I had to study a mechanical movement in the hotel of an order to do things so I don’t forget. I was literally hypnotize by that man only thinking that "I am here in front of him. I am meeting him. I shake his hand"

If any of you have other question please be free to ask.