Memory (RAM) leak in HITMAN 2

My specs:
Phenom ll x6 1055t
GTX 760
8 GB of RAM
Windows 7 64bit

I complete a first mission, everything was OK. Then i load a Miami and have a huge stutters in intro video and then in a game. Memory cleaner was showing a 7895 mb of usage. I restart a game and load Maiami again and then is gone, all is smooth (memory usage 4350). I finnish Miami and load next mission and problem come back… again (almost 8 gb of usage).

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Finally, somebody who is talking about it. Apart from the Newzeland mission, everything is running at 95% or more of my total ram.

PC specs -

12 GB ram
Gtx 1060, 6gb
I5 4670
Win 7 sp1

This really has to be fixed because I bought the gold edition and I still haven’t got the chance to play the game because of this ridiculous ram usage. I hope a patch that addresses this issue, releases soon. I really don’t want to accept that I’ve actually wasted money on it.

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For me it is stuttering like hell in all levels, but my ram usage is only 9330mb and i have the latest nvidia drivers too. It also stutters when the game is auto-saving
i5-8600k 4.9
16gb ram ddr4 2666mhz corsair vengeance rgb
gtx 1080 msi armor oc
aorus z370 gaming 3
sirtec astro gd 850w 80+gold
ssd adata su800 120gb
2HDD(2TB each) Seagate 7200rpm
LG 2k 165hz g-sync

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Another new update to the game, sized 1.2 GB, and my ram is still dying with medium settings. 12 GB of ram isn’t enough to even play with medium settings? Really? Refund my money, IOI. You didn’t give me this game for free, you know? If there isn’t a fix, I want a refund :confused:

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Jumping on the lag train:

Intel i7-7700
GTX 1080

Any mission I start becomes literally unlayable after 10-15 minutes. Bought the game and can’t play it :frowning:

Fix this please.

I like to point out, this is still a problem for myself months later.

I have 32GB ram with GTX 1080 and still stuttering. Very badly optimized

This memory leak is still a thing with me. When starting a second mission (even the same map and mission) the framerate absolutely tanks, and memory is full to the brim. Weird thing is, HITMAN 2 only eats about 3gb memory, but when quitting the game, more than 10gb of system memory get freed up. Reeks like a good old memory leak to me.

I still notice the same behaviour. Hitman 2 show about 3gb system memory commited, but the overall system commit charge keeps increasing without limit. On mission start, my system load was 5.2gb, but over an two hour Hitman 2 session physical memory usage increased up to over 16gb, with the Hitman 2.exe showing only 3gb used. On quitting the game memory usage dropped back down to a bit above 5gb. So there is something fishy going on with Hitman 2’s memory management. But since the devs stopped fixing things for this game this will probably never be fixed.