Merging Hitman and Hitman 2 on different clients

I purchased Hitman 2 on Steam quite a while ago and I took the opportunity of getting Hitman for free but on Epic Games. Is there any way of merging these games despite being on different clients. I hate having to exit Hitman 2 and start up Hitman separately just to play on Paris or something. It would be so much easier if they were all in the same place.

No, you can carry steam progress and levels over into H3 on Epic though. I’m not sure how your specific case would be handled for H3

But as of right now, there’s nothing you can do, sorry


Nothing been said about HITMAN 2016.
By now all the progress from HITMAN 2 will be carried over to HITMAN 3.
Progress of HITMAN 2016 stays untouched where it is

No, there is no way to have games from different stores in one place. No official way.
But Steam has an option of adding outside game to its library.
Though as it is officially, it requires other store client to be installed and running.
There is another way, that could be found on the Internet how to launch games from Epic on Steam.
You can try

Yeah but they have 2016 levels on Epic, so we’re not sure how that would work for H3 on Epic. I’m not talking about progress, just the levels