Middle-Earth: Shadow of War


I think we’ve all been waiting for this. :grin: Gameplay coming in March.


Didn’t watch the trailer but I really liked Shadow of Mordor so I’m down for this. I just want more of that Nemesis System. It’d be cool if other game’s replicated it actually.


I have no idea what they were thinking w/ that title. Bland af :stuck_out_tongue:


Hell yeah. It’s one of those games I sometimes let the enemies win just to hear them talk shit and get promoted. Nemesis better make a return. @Keith96


The Nemesis system in the original was fantastic. I especially enjoyed trying to decapitate them so they couldn’t come back :smiley: one captain had come back 6 or 7 times for me and it was so satisfying when I finally decapitated him and made sure he wouldn’t return


I know right? Some of those fuckers just wouldn’t die. It was great!


Yes yes yes! The first was so good and this really looks amazing. Can’t wait for gameplay trailer!


I loved Shadow of Mordor. Really underrated game, and the Nemesis system was a truly unique way to craft memorable moments with characters that were tailor made just to antagonize you.

I had the best Nemesis ever. He was called Zathra of the Spiders. I defeated him so many times, but he would always come back to haunt me. The first time I fought him, he was something of a loudmouth. Just a basic Uruk Captain in Sauron’s army with a few hangers on. He’d always flee when low on health, and his gang of followers would mob me when I tried to chase him down, which made him slippery. When I finally “killed” him for the first time, it was by throwing him off of a cliff. Excellent! Finally, he’s dead. Right? Wrong. Zathra may be cowardly, but he is resilient too.

A few hours later, he came out of nowhere and attacked me, saying “You thought a little fall like that would kill ME, Gravewalker?!” - I was awestruck. This asshole just wouldn’t leave me alone, even after I’d literally chucked him off of a cliff. Once again he attempted to flee after I kicked his ass all over the place - And then I shot him in the head with an arrow as he ran. I thought I had killed him, and that was the end of Zathra of the Spiders. But NOPE. He comes back YET AGAIN, a few hours later – a newly installed metal plate on his head where my arrow struck him. As our swords clash, he howls something about how whenever his head hurts he remembers how I shot him and that makes him angry. He’s now no longer easily damaged by ranged attacks and is a lot tougher.

This whole back and forth with Zathra went on and on for literally hours and hours of gameplay. He’d pop up at the worst possible times, cause me a whole lot of grief and then I would defeat him only for him to flee or for him to “die” in a unique way - Such as savaged by Caragors, thrown into fire, etc. By the end of it, he was a PTSD riddled wreck who was scared of Caragors, Bees, Fire, but became enraged at the sight of me. His in-game biography switched to say that he feared he had become cursed, and the only way to break the curse was to finally take his revenge and kill me. Eventually I cut his head off during a showdown, and I never saw him again. He was gone for good.

And after that, I actually felt kind of… Well, sad. it was such a unique, intense rivalry. Nobody else playing this game would ever experience Zathra of the Spiders, he was unique to my game. His name,appearance, personality and traits were not repeatable. The fact I still think about it now is incredible to be honest.

So, you’re god damn right I am excited for a sequel. If it can create a moment half as memorable as Zathra I’m sure it’ll be excellent.


The Trailer Was Just:

Now i wish they add more Boss Fights. And include Flying on Dragons and Shadow Striking mid Air from one Dragon top on to another. That would be Epic.


The thing that stood out to me most in Shadow of Mordor was the unpredictability factor. That, along with the nemesis system and plethora of character properties were unbeatable! You never knew who you would run into at any point. Take a look at the below video for example. I start with the sole purpose of killing a captain but things quickly get out of hand. :slight_smile:

I hope that the same atmosphere and gameplay (with improved AI) is maintained in this second title too. Oh, and I also managed to kill every possible orc with the ranks. It was satisfying to see Sauron’s army after that. I wish this is in the new installment too.


I hope they make better use of it this time though. I felt like SOM was over just as the Nemesis System was taking off. I’d love to have more reason to keep interacting with the hierarchy long after the story concludes.


The evolution of ZATHRA OF THE SPIDERS.


The metal plate over his eye only appeared after I headshotted him with a bow and arrow, I don’t have any earlier pictures sadly.


Personally, I would’ve let him kill Talon just to see if his ‘curse’ would be lifted. :wink: I’d imagine you would get a hell of a kick if you happen to see him again in the sequel.


Yeah, “Shadow of Mordor” was cool, but “Shadow of War” seems a little bit dull and derivative.

Maybe they should have kept the “Mordor” part (since the game is still about Mordor) and changed the first word, “Shadow”, instead.

A couple of suggestions, off the top of my head:

“Middle Earth: Spectre of Mordor.”

“Middle Earth: Siege of Mordor.”

Edit: The title “Spectre of Mordor” could also be tweaked to mean two different things.

The title could be “Spectre of Mordor” – meaning the “spectre of fear that Mordor casts across the land”.

Or it could be “Spectres of Mordor” – referring to the ghosts, the souls, of all of the warriors who have fallen in battle within and around the lands of Mordor.


In case anybody doesnt know, the nemesis system was never fully finished in time for shadow of mordor. There was actually so much more to the system how it was suppose to be fully designed but time prevented a lot of things to be removed so this game will have the full nemesis system how it was suppose to be.

I heard this in an interview with the monolith dev of shadow of mordor YouTube interview.


i remember as good as shadow of mordor was, the trailer they showed at E3 was even better. i remember in the trailer they had the guy you planted just get punched into the ground death by the chieftain u had him assassinate, and it turned into a huge horde, but in game it wasnt nearly as unique as that… hopefully the sequel can do something more like the original trailer for shadow of mordor


Btw, is that how one crafts a ring, as shown in the trailer?


Well now I’m excited. :joy:


I still love this shadow of mordor trailer. Love this guys narrative voice.