Middle-Earth: Shadow of War


This was the only thing i watched. Before i immediately wanted to buy it. But then the comments stopped me. Some said it was Assassin Creed, Others said it was Batman Arkam or whatever. But it wasn’t up until i finally played it i realized all of those comments were very wrong. This game has its own thing, There is a unique feel and a new combat system.


The Nemesis System is quite new and complex, so having the rest of the game easy to understand and recognisable works well. Players probably already know how this kind of stealth and combat works, so they can quickly start having fun and interacting with the more complicated Nemesis stuff.


Oh come on. Combat is something new? Combat is exactly like Batman, animations and parkour is exactly like AC (I even remember reading somewhere that SoM was written on AC2 source code or something like that). You are telling lies. The only new thing that Mordor was offering was nemesis.

Still I enjoyed the game very much and I think very highly of it, but what you’ve just said is just wrong.


I think he means the comments he read were wrong. As in, comments that said “oh this is just AC again” or “this rips off Arkhams combat”. Those kind of things could lead you to believe it had nothing new to offer, which is wrong.

In terms of raw gameplay, SoM does very few new things, but I feel like it makes way better use of the mechanics it ‘stole’.


^ What Keith Said.


I’m a bit worried that they won’t bring back the mounted warboss from the Lord of the Hunt DLC since they aren’t shown in the trailer (but it would be sick if the wyvern riding Wraiths are mounted bosses). I love that aspect of the DLC but the DLC itself sucked since you couldn’t refight these boss on giants who don’t respawn naturally like the other generic bosses.


I think Shadow of Mordor “borrowed” some genre defining mechanics from action oriented open world games and moulded them into something beautiful. Yes, the combat has a rhythmic nature in the same vein as an Arkham game, and traversing the game world uses seamless and fluid climbing much like something out of the Assassin’s Creed series - But it neither played or felt like either of those games. There were enough changes to how those things functioned, and when thrown in with the deep and unique Nemesis system it felt like its own experience. It’s hard to describe something abstract like a feeling, but the sensation of “hey, this combat is ripped right out of an Arkham game!” didn’t last especially long.


Actually, the comments are half right. One animation dev for mordor came from Ubisoft and used the animation code from assassins creed. They actually got sued for it. Not sure what came of it in court, but they did go to court for it.

And as for combat, it’s the typical WB combat style. They all share the same style. Mordor, batman Arkham, mad max. There’s slight differences, but they are basically the same style with the buttons doing pretty much the exact same thing.


I’m pretty sure they were also in hot water for paying off YouTuber’s and other influencers. Which is kinda sad, since they obviously thought the game being good wouldn’t be enough.


Yup. You heard of pewdepie (or however it’s spelled) on YouTube got exposed for taking bribes from them?


Didn’t hear of anyone in particular, no. To be honest, the likes of him don’t bother me. He’s never claimed to be a professional game critic or anything. Not to say what WB Games did is OK or anything.


Ya but he did piss off a lot of his subs. First that was one thing about the bribes, then he said if he gets to a certain amount of subs, he will shut down his YouTube account.

So of course, so many people start subbing to see if he’s lying or not. When he finally reaches that sub goal, he shuts down another one of his other YouTube accounts that he hardly uses or is even famous for.

Typical click bait YouTuber.


This looks neat!


Then he got dropped by Disney and had his Premium Youtube show cancelled for paying people to brandish signs saying DEATH TO ALL JEWS.

Seriously… “death to all jews”. Goddamn. Probably one of the most ill advised things to say if you are literally the most subscribed to person on Youtube!!

Can’t watch the Shadow of War gameplay now but I sure am excited to see it this evening.


Death to all jews thing was just… I dunno, what did he expect? He’s the #1 youtuber, all eyes on him, especially the ones that seek to bring him down just because. This whole thing was just ridiculous, but I hope he got a lesson out of it.

I’ve always been butthurt (and I still am a little bit) about him getting more money in a couple of months than I will earn during my whole life, especially considering what he does for living, but when I look past that jealousy, he has to be one of my favorite people on YouTube. He just seems so sincere and down to earth, despite being the most “famous” one. I used to hate him more, mainly in his older gameplays where he acted like a total moron, screaming like an idiot and being just obnoxious. However, when I watch his vlogs where he is just Felix and not this pewdiepie crap, I really like him, he seems like a guy that I’d like to have a beer with. I mean he’s just a guy that somehow found a market nobody new existed, so he cashed in, who wouldn’t. I applaud him for getting as far as he did.


Fucking A! That was beautiful!


This looks Freaking EPIC! Twice the amount of shadow of mordor. Waging wars and whatnot.


Loved the first! Just watched that video and god damn. Pleased this is coming down the pipe.


2017 is the real Year for Gaming. Its just the start and we have so many good games already.


Not saying you’re wrong but I hear that statement just about every year.