Middle-Earth: Shadow of War


You know a game is already off to a good start when a character we knew for less than five minutes gets a tribute video.


Since when do developers get involved in jokes like this? Outside of the in-game easter eggs I mean. Lol, I love it.


You can only imagine how it’ll feel when it’s us creating those stories and characters.


“Seems like a chill dude”


He’s the polar opposite of chill.

Man, i’m excited for this game. If it can give me a rivalry as memorable as Zathra of the Spiders then I’m gonna love it.


Here’s something that I saw when I was playing hockey back in 2013.

First, this is what happened in the game:

Then EA did this in response:


I’m surprised they went that far with the joke. That was funny though.


Taken From Reddit by The Guy Named: Malick Gerlach


Okay i just watched the Stream of one of the Developers he confirmed amongst other things, this gonna be a long List guys !

UPDATE: I extended the list till 40 which i remembered since last night.

There are multiple areas which are unlocked trough the Conquering of the Castle which all are bigger then the previous maps in the first game with Mission and Side Quest for each Hub, and the World will change depending on the Overlord you put in place.

HE has confirmed that you will be able to save you're guys from Dying, when the big guy goes down in the regular game he will be able to be patched up and most likely depending on how tough he is will have to retreat or fight further.

You're Followers can be given the Role of a Bodyguard and can be called on like in the Boss Battle at anytime, or they will help you in the fight if they can see you and reach you. So if you're dude isn't standing next to you and isn't a Magician or Archer he wont be able to help so easily. Maybe some will throw axes i don't know.

The Betrayal will work in such a way that people can start to hate some actions you take, for example Uruk 1 hates Uruk 2 and you promoted Uruks 2 so Uruk 1 is so pissed of he joins the Dark Lord again. Other ways are you leaving them behind wounded on the battlefield or retreating without them.

Some Uruks will be without mind control and follow you out of either liking you or hating Sauron.

There are around 20 of these Fortresses from what i could tell.

Ring wraiths will be fought in game but from what i could tell only in Story they aren't a Thing in the normal world and always encountered trough Side Quest or Main Quests.

You're Fortress can be attacked and reclaimed

Drakes exist in the free world and can be used without restriction.

Every Uruks you have can be trained and Upgraded into different classes. There are two ways that could be done either making them a different class like turning a Beast Master into a Flame User OR upgrading a Beast Master into a sort of Beast Lord which can command bigger and better creatures, also upgrading his Gear is possible.

He has said since he was asked so many times that yes it was a goddamn god mode. There was infinite arrows health and Executions, also he was pretty much mid game so he had some pretty decent loot already. Oh and you know he didn't want to waste the 16 Minutes on some dude dying and tacking 16 Minutes to beat the first gate.

You're Fortress is improvable and the defenses are Changeable. You can recreate the entire Fortress of this Gameplay trailer, with the Oil the Drake and the Boulder Throwing Graug. A fully upgraded Castle will be much harder to take with much more Points and much more possible Warchiefs to defend the castle.

Talion will get his beard back. I personally liked him this more but many people asked for it.

Uruks weak to fire can die instantly like the Uruk in the Trailer and Uruks immune to it will be able to power trough and take part in the battle.

Wounds on the Uruks are a little more detailed, they aren't just three cuts and the same Burn Mark. If a guy gets killed by a dragon ad he comes back he will look pretty fucked up, a guy who got hit with the sword not so much.

Overlords can be taken over instead of completely out in the regular game. They didn't do this in the gameplay cause they wanted to show that you can promote you're own dude instead and they change it does to the world.

The Balrog is an In Game Enemy, I know no shit but some people thought he was gonna be some Object thats just in Cutscenes. He is not.

Talion will interact with his Uruks more, besides of giving them a pat on the back for good work like with the "Nice Shot" comment he will be able to get attached to Uruks. Urks can get attached to Uruks

Uruks no longer have to be grabbed to be tuned like its shown in the gameplay you can do so like with regular Uruks in the first game by holding B, but only after you weaken or terrify them enough.

Depending on the Difference of Power you're Uruks can pretty much take care of the battle for you if you want. If you send in a Level 50 Dude against a whole Castle of 10 they can be pretty much killed without harming a single hair on you're Uruks face.

21 and last one they have said the will do further Q&A in the following weeks so stay tuned.

The arena isn't done based upon a tribe from what i could tell. The guy from the Fir Tribe will have a fire arena but the guy with a flame axe will not have the same type of flame arena, he will have some exploding barrels he can throw at you for example.

You are able to insert and or take over any Warchief of a Castle before attacking it directly besides the overlord. This will make the fight much easier cause the big guns will be already at you're side giving you many advantage points each one can plant for you.

Uruks will have there own little personality traits like in the first one with a little more impact. An insane Uruks will be a pretty bad Overlord since he cant really plan a good defense and a coward can pretty much just grabbed or even run away at the sight of Talion. Also anybody who wants to have an Uruks with the name the Coward is pretty much doing so knowing there not getting much.

There are more Animals, no Word about how big and if they are tamable but they have said each Region has some different animals and some that are the same. For example the Ice Region has Frost Spider and Caragors while they Desert Region has the Crystal Snake and also Caragors.

Like show in the Trailer a Mount is summon able. Bigger creatures and Graug from what i recall can be unlocked.

Uruks and Talion can become nearly impossible to kill with many immunitys. There always will be SOME Weakness but near End game you and Uruks have so many immunity that you have to plan to be able to beat him. For example in the trailer Talion gets an Armor that makes him immune against poison so he literally can almost not be killed by a poison user.

Quick reminder for everyone Levels have been raised no word on how big but at the least to level 50 for Talion and the Uruks probably much higher since he was only about mid game so him being nearly at 50 wouldn't make much sense. And the fortresses can go up to around 300 since there was one in the gameplay which was at 259 !

There are different Types of Gear for EACH URUKS. So you have your normal, rare and Legendary and other types of Loot you can get from one Uruk tribe AND then another completely different Item Pool for the other Uruk Tribe. So a Necromancer has around 50 Items you can collect just from the Necromancers and your loot will get better the harder the Necromancer becomes,. And from a Beast Master a whole other r Item Pool is opened up !

30 This is fairly important since i have heard many people complain about this. The Difficulty. They have not only like i said played with Cheats, no they have played in the Normal DIFFICULTY. Yeah thats right this game has difficulty setting so you can expect quite a few challenges :slight_smile:

If uruks are to powerful, you may not be able to brand them. If you do want them to be part of your army, you are going to have to shame them to lower their power until they are at your level, which then you can brand them. Shunning uruks debrand them into enemies again.

The "Fight to the death" option when you dominate an enemy is where you make one Uruk challenge another in a death arena.

The more upgraded the fortress the more Warchiefs you can have in it, and you are able to tell the Warchief which part they should defend. For example a Sniper on a Tower will do a lot more then on the ground.

You have a Lance which is seen when riding the Caragor. And the Hammer which you use to bash that Uruks face in as real in game weapons which can be used for piercing and swiping enemy feet away to make them fall.

All stuff from the first game is included so stuff like leveling the Uruks, Free roam outside of the mission are included also.

The creatures have variation depending on the Region so a Graug inside a Snow Part will have fur for example.

Skill Tree will be much bigger seen examples are amongst other things. The Ability to "Pull" an enemy towards you instead of teleporting to him he will teleport to you. You can sprint faster and jump higher. Double Takedowns are a thing.

There will be a Store, and depending on the Region different Economy.

The appearance of the Loot and the Orc itself will change depending on the Area. For example a more fur based armor in the Snow setting.

As a quick reminder to many people since i am not sure everybody knows there now are Ice based attack and Enemys in the game.

I remembered this Fortresses are bigger then the one shown in the Gameplay, so they have different sizes and there can be much bigger fortresses.

Hope i could help you with these Updates and i promise you that i will keep you up to date right here when the next video comes out. Since will watch it anyway i might as well keep you guys updated.


Thanks for the info man! A lot of juicy details there. If even half of this turns out to be true…:joy:


$60 is the standard for games now days. If you’re looking for a drop in price, then you’ll have to wait some months or longer after release.

I don’t even bother with gold, sliver or whatever edition. The base game is enough for me.


I cant even do 60 for now. Ill have to wait for a sale.




Is it me, or does this gameplay video look crappy?


In what way? Looks like Shadow of Mordor to me, just with lots of new features.


Graphics look like a downgrade, aimations look chunky and somehow gameplay seems off and boring. Don’t get me wrong I liked 1 (enough).


This is a very early build of the game. It will improve.


I hope. Going to wait with buying it anyway since they announced shitty microtransactions.


First game was such great, mindless fun. Once you were totally leveled up, you could just take out a swarm of like 100 enemies and watch Netflix at the same time. :joy: Really excited for this one.


So what? I mean yes they aren’t welcome but I haven’t come across a single player game that was making it hard for the player to play without paying extra money. It seems like a shortcut for fanatics.

I personally don’t care.