Middle-Earth: Shadow of War


Well since the game + DLC already costs 100$ it seems too much in my eyes. But you’re right, as long as it doesn’t effect gameplay.


I see several people complaining about graphics and animation in the most recent video (YouTube comments).

I could see that the running up stairs animation is the same as running on flat surface, and looks quite bad. Other than that, I did not notice much difference from the first installment animation-wise. What other stuff look weird or truly bad that people are complaining about?

Though I see many folks saying that it’s an early build, the game is targeted for release this August! I believe that the version shown here could very well end up being what we get from graphics, animation and AI perspective. Thoughts?


To me the game looks the same as the first one and I can’t see much difference in this trailer and the previous one.


The previous one (official gameplay - 16 minutes) was badass! It had several scripted sequences though.


Well…yeah. This trailer was tame by comparison to the official one but looking at them back to back, the visuals and animations look the same, more or less.


I wont even mind if they didnt change the graphics one bit.


New Video

Only thing i am afraid of these huge open world environments is them getting repetitive and boring. Because as soon as i finished story of Shadow of mordor i had lesser motivation to 100% finish it. But it was kind of just the right balance in being too much repetitive or boring.
But now being a huge open world and not dynamic enough might trigger this problem here, i just wish they handle this part well.


Given enough time, any game can become repetitive IMO but I get what you mean. Nice video.


Meaning 100% completion?


Lol yeah sorry i meant. When i finished the story i had lesser motivation to move on and complete the rest of the stuff and 100 % it.


That’s why I always max out everything and then finish the story, in every game.


Smart man.



You really wana call it Spectre lol







In-fuck-ing-tense! :upside_down:


Is the female character at 0:22 modeled after Milla Jovovich?