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Welcome to The Hitman Forum Bank (Milton Fitzpatrick)

I just thought it would be interesting for everyone to post how much money they have in HITMAN BLOOD MONEY (you can always update it)

As everyone knows, you can keep accumulating money in BM even after completing the game. I thought it would be interesting to see just how much the HMF community has — and see just how high we can continue to make the account grow as a whole.

Just a thread to pass time, and a reason to dust off your Hitman Blood Money game :wink:

Prepare to make a killing…

Share your current amount

(Mine is currently at: :star: $10,645,000)




Lol sorry, son… your “credit” is no good here. Cash only :wink:

And for real… what’s with the BM hate? Sure, it’s not “the best” in the series but it’s still fun… and most importantly, it’s still Hitman.

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I saw the thread title and I knew it would be you who created it Piano Man! :smiley: I have $9 million, but I’m not sure what I had in the game… :smirk: hehe :laughing: I kid, I had 9 million in Blood Money! :smiley:

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He’s jealous because it’s much better than C47.


Pushing the elderly down stairs makes for a much better game than C47.


no hate here, I’m just tired of Blood Money :smile:
I hope we’ll see a new, improved Money System again after HITMAN 3, i’m not a huge fan of the current Unlock System.

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WARNING - ATTEMPT AT HUMOUR. Just wondered if there’s any kind of musical instrument in the foyer of the bank. There’s a piano, man. Arf arf. :smiley: I’ve not played that game so can’t offer a number.


Thank you? Lol

@MrOchoa yeah, a money system making a return (for Contracts Mode) would be cool, though I doubt H3 will have one. Maybe if Hitman continues after 3 perhaps.

$19,645,000 we are at so far…

What about the rest of you Agents?


Around 7 millions on my latest save, completing levels with SA but spending a lot of money on equipment and stuff.

Still a gound amount tho :+1:


Nice deposit, Agent!

$27,016,000 is the current total

(Remember— Even to the people who already posted. You can earn more money in BM and still repost again to add it to the bank here.)

Numbers go on forever lol it would be cool to see how much money we as a Hitman community can obtain in total from BM

Just bought the game the other day and quite enjoyed it, not as much as Hitman 2, but still, a solid game.
I’ve got $3,418,000. Not sure if that’s alot since I’m not sure how much most people have, but I’d assume it’s a fair bit since all I buy is silver baller upgrades and notoriety stuff.


Hey, that’s not bad, considering you just got it. Nice deposit man! Lol enjoy the game.

We’re currently at $30,434,000 In the Bank!!

Let’s keep it going, Agents! :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


I didn’t like the game that much but I’ll still contribute my 750 thousand

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