Missed Elusive Targets: Should/Will They Be Available Eventually?

So, I looked around here on the forum, Youtube, etc. and never found a definite answer on if certain Elusive Targets will ever come back? I know this was asked quite a bit during Hitman (2016), but I personally think that I see no harm done in letting players have a another chance to kill missed (and only missed, not failed) elusive targets. I, ironically enough, scraped together enough money to buy the game only two days after the Undying target’s time limit expired. If someone were not able to play the game over the time that the target was available, it would really suck to not be able to try to kill the target. Whenever someone might go on a vacation, have a broken PC being fixed, or any other situation, it becomes annoying that they would miss the elusive target.

What do you think… Should people who miss targets be able to reactivate the target (once, only if missed)? I don’t see any reason why it would be a problem, as when people buy the game over time, people will hate to have missed the chance to experience elusive targets when they were available.

They have a chance to get re-activated just like it happened last year with the first game but that would happen until they are all out and after some time IO confirms this. If they indeed come back, you’ll have to wait more than a year for that to happen.

They will most likely run through them again at some point. It will have to be a decent wait though.

Everyone complained about this in H1 so all Elusives were reactivated in time for the GOTY release in 2017, with the sole exception of the Gary Busey ET.

I can see something similar happening in H2. All ETs will appear once again, except for The Undying due to contractual obligations with Sean Bean. But only time will tell, I guess.

Not this again

Cyclical, repeating arguments are quite the fad on this forum aren’t they.

I feel like this question should be pinned as a F.A.Q. or something.

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They have been since forever. Back in the day it was people not figuring out how to make the elevator in the tutorial mission of C47 work. We have come a long way!


No we have not. We still argue about elevators.:joy:

I’d say they’re unlikely to be re-activated this time around as the theory is that Season One ETs were only reactivated because IO had to push back the release of Season Two/HITMAN 2 by a year after getting so behind as a result of the layoffs after the SE split - but because they had already exhausted all the live content they produced there was no choice but to re-activate ETs to create the illusion of still releasing the content for the game for another year.

Most likely but I will wait in a year and see what they bring to the table.

Left town to go see Mom for the holidays when I had 8 days left on this last(2nd)ET of HITMAN2 , I got home; I’m not sure but maybe I had 1 day left to hunt(I didn’t check). I love Hitman but my life doesn’t revolve around it so I can’t participate on every ET, evidently… But it would be nice if I could have somehow… (IDK) …put it on hold somehow?
At least we will have a second shot at missed ETs the way did in Hitman(2016),
Or so I assume…

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My answer would be as simple as yes
They should make some room for missed for whatever reason Elusive Targets…
I don’t see any harm of this either

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I hope they’ll be back, especially THAT one:

Too much pressure, too much shit around me, not enough space and time to focus, and worst of all: i’ve started playing very lately :frowning:

Despite all the fun i had doing that Elusive Target, i couldn’t manage to finish it on time :sob:

So rather than wasting my chance or die i’ve just missed the target.

Too bad since it was my most dedicated run from all Elusive Targets i’ve ever played (also my favourite) :cry:

It was definitely my best run of all runs, in my favourite location :broken_heart:

You can’t imagine how frustrated i am to have not completed it on time, i just can’t get over it :grimacing:

I have some training footage, but it’s not the same at all as a finished run :confused:

I’ve made things BIG with that one: over 200gb of bonus, fails and fun footage…but not the final run :frowning:

I really hope she’ll be back, i need to make this run a reality!


These kinds of things are neat, but they make me not want to bother getting Hitman 2. The biggest issue I have is it affecting my completion and the items I can’t unlock. I get wanting something special, but locking content away on timed events is just terrible, especially if it actually tells me my game isn’t 100% completed, because these missions weren’t put on a regular auto rotation, or made available to the people that bought the game later on. I don’t care about the score or leaderboards, I just want to be able to complete the game, and I can’t.

Fear not… IO already confirmed H2 Elusive Targets will reactivate… :pensive::+1:

There’s only 5 of them. That’s like 2,5 month worth of elusives lol


Yep… well at least some people can now get their precious suits I guess…

Even if we didn’t even get one ET per location, i’m still happy we will be able to replay them again :+1:

Politician ET here i come!