Missing claw hammer

I saw on a thread how to unlock the hammer but it says only through hitman 2 data transfer. I did that already. I got everything else except the hammer. Any way to fix this? How can I get the claw hammer again?

If you’ve already unlocked the Claw Hammer in Hitman 2 then you should have it in Hitman 3 once you’ve done the Progression Carryover.

If you had it unlocked in Hitman 2 and you’ve done the the Progression Carryover to Hitman 3 but you’re still missing the item in Hitman 3 then you can report it to IOI https://ioisupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019121077-How-to-Report-a-Bug

If you didn’t have it unlocked in Hitman 2 while you were doing the Progression Carryover then there is currently no way to get the item in Hitman 3.


Yes I unlocked it in hitman 2 THEN did the carry over. I should have it. Thank you for the link to report.