Missing claw hammer

I saw on a thread how to unlock the hammer but it says only through hitman 2 data transfer. I did that already. I got everything else except the hammer. Any way to fix this? How can I get the claw hammer again?

If you’ve already unlocked the Claw Hammer in Hitman 2 then you should have it in Hitman 3 once you’ve done the Progression Carryover.

If you had it unlocked in Hitman 2 and you’ve done the the Progression Carryover to Hitman 3 but you’re still missing the item in Hitman 3 then you can report it to IOI https://ioisupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019121077-How-to-Report-a-Bug

If you didn’t have it unlocked in Hitman 2 while you were doing the Progression Carryover then there is currently no way to get the item in Hitman 3.


Yes I unlocked it in hitman 2 THEN did the carry over. I should have it. Thank you for the link to report.


old topic but felt like saying it if you still didn’t get it you unlock it now from hitting the Carlisle family with a hammer. not sure if Alexa is counted too.

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