Missing Digital Bonus Content


Hey everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone had the same problem as me. I got the First Episode for Free and then bought the GOTY edition.

However I do not have the ‘Digital Bonus Content’ anywhere on my pc. I verified local files and nothing.
Afterwards I bought the Requiem DLC and soundtrack and documentary still have not showed up on my disk.

Is there something else I need to do in order to get this?


Can someone from IO explain this to me, how is this possible, please? I do not understand what I did wrong.


@Travis_IOI : S.O.S. Please assist.


I know it’s not an answer to your problem specifically, but the documentary is on YouTube and the soundtrack is on soundcloud. :slight_smile:


Oh wait… he’s not talking about the Bonus Missions? Hahahaha. :stuck_out_tongue: I got so used to seeing threads about missions being inaccessible…


Thank you, but I wanted to listen to the soundtrack offline :).


No, no. I have the Bonus Missions. Gameplay - wise, I have everything I should have, I am just missing the Soundtrack and documentary.


Didn’t IOI give away a link once to download the soundtrack from Steam?


As far as I know, they added soundtrack to steam with the January 2017 update.
Here are the release notes: https://steamcommunity.com/app/236870/discussions/0/135507780428924906/

That is why I was surprised I do not have that DLC/Content.



You don’t have a folder called “Digital Bonus Content” in that directory?


No i do not. I have attached a screenshot of my Hitman folder.screenshot_game_folder


And these are the DLC that I have purchased. hitman_dlc_purchased


Fair enough. I’ll check in with the team. You should have it and my guess is that it’s an overlap between the digital content being available for different bundles. Since moving to GOTY and Complete the Bundle options on Steam, this just needs to be ironed out.


Thank you very much, I wait patiently on any kind of response.


@missingPersons is a model citizen. :slight_smile:


@missingPersons When you say you got the first episode for free, do you mean you got the Holiday Pack that included Paris?


That is correct.


Here’s what’s happening: when we released the disc version, we made the soundtrack and making-of available to everyone that purchased the game too.

As the first thing that you downloaded was the free Holiday Pack, you were not granted that entitlement.

Logically, now that you have purchased something, I understand that you’d expect to get it. However, that entitlement was linked to Paris, which you already have and can’t buy again. That puts you (and many Holiday Pack) players in a strange place. I’ve asked the team here to look at this and see what can be done and the exact specifics of how this is handled with Valve.

I can’t make any promises but I hope that gives you some insight.


Aw yeah!

Aw no…

In all seriousness (is that a word?), thank you for taking care of this. I understand that due to those complications I and people in similar situation may not get this additional content.
But this clarification makes the whole situation somewhat easier.

Again, thank you, @Travis_IOI.


@Travis_IOI Any news from the rest of your team or Valve?